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therapy’(Sommerbeck,2003:33). Therearesomeusefuldiscussionstobehadaroundtherelevanceofdiagnosis forcounsellors.Itistruetosaythatcounsellorsarenotdiagnosticians,sothe


Sommerbeck’s The Client-Centred Therapist in Psychiatric Contexts and Howard Kirschenbaum’s video on Carl Rogers and the Person-Centered Approach.


Lisbeth Sommerbeck Jerold D. Bozarth 79 Response-Centered Therapy: The Good, Bad and Ugly Arthur C. Bohart 83 Response to Frankel and Sommerbeck

Beyond psychotherapeutic reach? An introduction to pre-therapy

Beyond psychotherapeutic reach? An introduction to pre-therapy Beyond psychotherapeutic reach By Lisbeth Sommerbeck, Bornholm Psychiatric Center, Denmark

An Experimental Study on Psychotherapy for Women with Major Depression

Sommerbeck, L. (2002). The Wisconsin watershed – or the universality of CCT. The Person- Centered Journal, 9, 140-57. Sommerbeck, L. (2003).

Practitioner Certificate and Diploma in Person Centred Work at the ...

Client-Centred Therapy in Psychiatric Landscapes A 2-day workshop facilitated by: Lisbeth Sommerbeck Monday & Tuesday 16/17 April 2012 Cost: £280 members/£320 non members ...

16 International Symposium for the Psychological th Treatments of ...

Sanders, Peter Sommerbeck, L. · Traynor, W. PROUTY’S PRE-THERAPY: THEORY, PRACTICE AND EVIDENCE Sanders, Peter Van Werde, D. · Dekeyser, M.


(2002), Keys (2003), Sommerbeck (2003), Tolan (2003), Wilkins (2003) and Tudor and Worrall (2004, in preparation). The publication of collections of papers from person ...


in an e-mail by Lisbeth Sommerbeck, posted on cctpca network, July 17, 2003. Shlien J (2003) To Lead an Honorable Life: Invitations to think about client-centered therapy ...

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Frankel M, Sommerbeck L. Two Rogers and congruence: The change from client-centred therapy to we-centred therapy. Person-centred and experiental psychotherapies 6. 2007.

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