Sokalan Cp5

Data Sheet SOKALAN CP 5

11.2006 = registered Trademark of BASF Aktiengesellschaft BASF Aktiengesellschaft Performance Chemicals for Detergents and Formulators D-67056 Ludwigshafen Page 1of ® 2 Properties Storage If stored properly in its original sealed packaging the shelf life is ...

Industrial& InstitutionalCleaning

copolymer Sokalan ® ... copolymer,Na-salt Sokalan ® CP5 Maleicacid/olefin copolymer,Na-salt Sokalan ® CP9 Polyacrylicacid,Na-salt Sokalan ® PA25CL Sokalan ®

AutomaticDishWashing EMV0136-00e10

copolymer,Na-salt Sokalan ® CP5 Polycarboxylate,modified Sokalan ® CP42 Sokalan ® CP50 Polyacrylicacid,Na-salt Sokalan ® PA25Cl Sokalan ® PA30Cl pHcontrol,dissolvingof

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