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General description SOFCpower-HT ceramix provides anode-supported, thin-fi lm electrolyte, solid oxide fuel cells produced in its pilot production line in Trento.

Stack S-design

HTceramix SA Av. des Sports 26 CH-1400 Yverdon-les-Bains Switzerland SOFCPOWER S.r.l. Via Al Dos de la Roda, 60 - loc. Ciré I-38057 Pergine Valsugana (TN) Italy

The Integrated Project SOFC600

... Menon (Ris Bouyer (CEA), John Irvine (StAndrews), Mohan Menon (Risøø--DTU), Sonja DTU), Sonja Gross, Leszek Niewolak (FZJ), Andre Heel, Peter Holtappels (EMPA), Gross, Leszek Niewolak (FZJ), Andre Heel, Peter Holtappels (EMPA), Stefano Modena (HTceramix Stefano Modena (HTceramix--SOFCpower) SOFCpower)

final program efc11

EFC11266 Status report on Development and Manufacturing of Market-oriented SOFC generators at SOFCpower SpA Massimo Bertoldi - SOFCPower EFC11264 Operational experience of m-CHP systems for residential use

Accommodation - Electrochemistry in Switzerland

12.05 Olivier Bucheli, HTceramix-SOFCpower, Yverdon-les-Bains Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage at Higher Temperatures 12.40 Buffet Lunch

SOFC at HyGear

LOTUS Project • Development of prototype uCHP system – Basic aims • Reduce costs • Increase life time – Means • Low-temperature SOFC (600-650°C) – Partners: HyGear, JRC, SOFCPower, Domel, University of Perugia, Fraunhofer IKTS.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

... Michael Stelter, Marc Heddrich, Eberhard Friedrich, Mihails Kusnezoff Fraunhofer IKTS, Dresden/Germany SOFC Research and Development at NIMTE Wei Guo Wang Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, Ningbo/PR China Design and Manufacturing of Easy-to-Integrate SOFC Generators by SOFCpower ...


SOFCPOWER S.r.l., Italy; Jan van Herle, EPFL, Switzerland; Vincenzo M. Sglavo, University of Trento, Italy 9:00 AM (ICACC-S3-033-2011) Effects of oxygen partial

Handbook of SOFC system in buildings. Legislation, standards ...

Keywords fuel cell power systems, SOFC-systems, connection, public networks, power distribution networks, legislation, standards, requirements, buildings, micro-CHP (CHP = Combined Heat and Power generation), district heating Abstract The SofcPower 2007-2011 project aims to advance the ...

Symposium3:9 International Symposium SOFC Applicationsand IC ...

Bertoldi, Sofcpower S.p.A., Spain; Vincenzo M. Sglavo, University of Trento, Italy 5:30 PM (ICACC‐S3‐010‐2012) Component interactions

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