Risk Assessment

General information No relevant data are available relating to the toxicity of the chloride ion, and therefore the EVM decided to consider sodium chloride as a salt, rather than the separate elements.

In Public Drinking Water (Notification Form)

Sodium Guideline The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), Drinking Water Program (DWP), has established a sodium guideline of 20 mg/L.

Sodium (Department of Veterans Affairs)

Sodium What is sodium? It is a mineral found naturally in food. Why do we need it? Our bodies need sodium to maintain fluid balance, control blood pressure, keep our nerves working, and help our muscles relax.

Sodium Hydroxide

OEHHA DEPARTMENT OF TOXIC SUBSTANCES CONTROL Sodium Hydroxide Recognizing "NaOH" September 2003 Commercial: NaOH is one of several alkaline materials referred to as "lye".

Macrominerals - Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride

339 L.J. McCutcheon MACROMINERALS - SODIUM, POTASSIUM AND CHLORIDE L. JILL MCCUTCHEON University of Guelph, Canada The importance of minerals in the diet of horses is well recognized by horse owners and equine nutritionists alike.

Facts About Sodium Azide

May 5, 2003 Page 1 4 FACT HEET Facts About Sodium Azide What sodium azide is ยท Sodium azide is a rapidly acting, potentially deadly chemical that exists as an odorless white solid.

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Drinking Water Advisory: Consumer Acceptability Advice and Health Effects Analysis on Sodium C:\...\Sodium. jt.wp [PFP#330388593]


Should Americans Cut Back on Salt? Recently, a major television network aired a report criticizing Federal Government recommendations to eat less salt.

Sodium Restricted Diet

Control # 163 File #66.10 Updated 2/1/07 Sodium Restricted Diet 2 gram Sodium (2,000 milligrams) Translation available in: Arabic , Spanish Aim for ~600mg Na/meal and 200mgNa/Bedtime Snack Sodium may need to be restricted in the diet for a variety of reasons including congestive heart failure ...

Sodium, water and potassium

28 Sodium, water and potassium Michael D. Penney 4 Physiology 28 Disorders of sodium metabolism 34 Disorders of water metabolism 41 Disorders of potassium metabolism 54 Conclusion 64 Further reading 64 Appendices 65 PHYSIOLOGY Introduction Water is the most abundant molecule in the human body ...

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