Snap On Timing Light

EETL5568 – Digital Timing Light

Multi-function Timing Light works on all Distributorlessand Conventional Ignition Systems EETL5568 – Digital Timing Light

EETL500 Ultra Light-Timing Light

The Snap-on Ultra Light-Timing Light Does More Than Just Set Timing. EETL500 Ultra Light-Timing Light


Take care when handling and do not allow it to snap shut. Replacement parts and product service are available see warranty and refer to Customer Services Leaflet. 12. FAULTS i. If this timing light fails to operate correctly, switch offthe engine and check that the leads are making good connection. ii ...

Blue Point Radiator Tester

1. Blue Point Radiator Tester 2. Snap-On Vacuum Tester 3. Laser Level w/Tripod & case 4. Snap-On Battery Powered Impact Set (with case) 4. Snap-On Timing Light 5.

MSD Timing Light PN 8992

MSD Timing Light PN 8992 Figure 1 Wiring. Parts Included: 1 - MSD Timing Light 1 - Cable Harness TO NO.1 SPARK PLUG LOCATION ON VEHICLE (CONSULT VEHICLE MANUAL) ... 857-5200 • FAX (915) 857-3344 Note: The ferrite pole pieces in the inductive pickup are fragile and may be damaged if the jaws are allowed to "snap ...

Auction Liquidation Services

... 169 Set brake bias gauge, brake heat paint kit 170 Snap on cylinder leak detector 171 Snap on cylinder leak detector 172 Snap on cooling system pressure tester 173 Mac cooling system pressure tester 174 Makita jig saw 175 Stant cooling system pressure tester 176 Mac timing light 177 Snap on timing light 178 ...


piston ring compressor-----18 1 snap-on mt-2261 digital timing light-----19 1 snap-on mt-257 diesel pulse adapters-----20 1 spx-otc 5488 ford 4.0l soch v6 cam tool set-----21 1 lot asst.

Little River Service Center

... bottle jack; Black Hawk hydraulic press; Sunex pedestal transmission jack w/fuel tank adapter; Robinair AC machine; Viper R-134 AC machine; Blue Point AC leak detector; Snap-On AC dye kit; Ammco brake rotor lathe; Dokter brake drum lathe; Snap-On Counselor XL engine scope #MT1765; Snap-On timing light ...

Digital Multimeter/Infrared Thermometers

TO ORDER FAX: 1-800-892-9651 1-5 Diagnostics Supplied By: Snap-on/Sun/Motion Pro Timing Light Model No. MT1221 Features: * High-tech internal circuitry.

KS Racing Catalog

40 Snap-on Timing Light 41 Box of Misc. Allen Wrenches, Wood Chisels, Filter Wrenches & Etc. 42 (4) Pair of Side Cutters, Tin Snips & (3) C-Clamps

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