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SMW-AUTOBLOK 213 10 NEW Self-centering steady rests SLU ... Steady rest bracket •A perfect bracket is very important for the function/precision of the steady rest.

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250 SMW-AUTOBLOK SLU-X ... narrow Option of central oil lubrication For heavy working conditions and high build up of swarf For travelling steady rest applications. ...

front cover sheet SLU

If necessary readjust or remachine the steady rest bracket. SMW-AUTOBLOK supplies the correct bracket for all appli-cations. Additionally for a fast and easy adjustment of the steady rest to the center line we propose to use the SMW-AUTOBLOK adjustment device which, ...

15351-Steady Rest Bro 3hole

Precision cam for repeatability and centering accuracy throughout the steady rest's range. 7. ... Electrical interface to match your lathe Lube unit Valve package SMW AUTOBLOK Tandem mount custom bracket Manual or automatic base.


... View of 3 jaw chuck View of hydraulic tailstock View of ATC and loading robot View of 4 axis turning and milling head SMW AUTOBLOK hydraulic steady rest CNC 5 AXIS HORIZONTAL TURNING AND MILLING CENTER 2003 5 AXIS 108 STATIONS APPRAISAL SERVICES What's the real value of your equipment?

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mazak ajv 25/405 40"x_20"y_20"z table and smw 4 th axis. ... manual & auto steady rest. 14 by 60" long. kellenberger cnc kel-varia r 175/1500 ge fanuc 18-t cotrol.

ET TOOLROOM SERIES Touch 2100 Control

Heavy duty SMW steady rest package includes mount bracket, hydraulic power unit, hoses and interface. Also available as a hydraulic follow rest at the same cost.

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Steady rest K4 (SMW AUTOBLOK) Variable spindle speed control Variable spindle speed threading LB4000 EX-MY C2000. 5 Large Vertical Turning Center - Ram type

ZENTRICO THL plus Lünetten ZENTRICO THL plus Steady Rests

A sign of the brand: the olive-gold anodization with the three rings on the rear of the steady rest. ... ■ Central lubrication ■ Hydraulic connections at side and rear of cylinder ■ Mounting dimensions compatible with SMW Autoblok ...

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mazak ajv 25/405 40"x_20"y_20"z table and smw 4 th axis. cam m-2 cnc control. smw 4 th axis. x axis travel 68". ... manual & auto steady rest. 14 by 60" long.

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