Module 6: Smear Preparation and Staining

Module 6: Smear Preparation and Staining Trainer's Guide Page 1 of 19 Module 6: Smear Preparation and Staining Purpose To provide the participants with knowledge and skills to safely prepare and stain sputum smears using the Ziehl-Neelsen method.

Making and Staining a Blood Smear

4 Field vs. lab preparation of smears (wild caught animals) For our work with lizard malaria parasites, we always bring the lizards back into the lab in the evening for processing (even if the "lab" is a hotel room!), so the smears can be made in a somewhat controlled environment.

Abnormal PAP Smear

Why are Pap smears important? Pap smears find disease at an early stage while it is still easy to treat. Prior to using Pap smears, cancer was common and often fatal.

An abnormal Pap smear - what does it mean?

It is natural to feel worried if you have just found out that your Pap smear result is not normal (abnormal). Around 1 in 10 Pap smears will show changes in the cells of the cervix.

Histopath guidance part 5

1 Part 5: Preparation, Reading and Reporting of Vaginal Smears 1. Introduction 1.1 The draft updated Test Guideline (TG) 407 includes an option to take vaginal smears for at least four consecutive days at the end of the 4 th week of treatment, to provide information regarding the stage of the ...

Bacteriological study of vaginal discharge of pregnant women ...

Gram stained smears were examined under oil immersion (x 1,000) of Mehdinejad et al. 1995 light microscope for the following morphotypes: large Gram positive rods ( Lactobacillus morphotypes ), small Gram-variable and Gram-negative rods (Gardnerella and Bacteroides morphotypes), and curved ...

Improved Mouse Blood Smears Using the DiffSpin Slide Spinner

In our laboratory, all mouse differential WBC counts are performed manually, because a previous method comp arison demonstrated unacceptable differences bet ween the results of manual differentials and those prod uced by the 5-part differential of our automated CBC analyzer (Cell Dyn 3500 ...

Preparation of blood smears

Laboratory diagnosis of malaria Preparation of blood smears Blood collection for thick or thin blood smears Capillary blood obtained by fingerstick: 1.

Lab #8: Unopettes/Blood Smears

Exercise 9: Unopettes and Blood Smears 98 EXERCISE 9: UNOPETTES, BLOOD SMEARS AND CAPILLARY PUNCTURE Textbook: Chapter 8 Blood Collection Equipment Chapter 10 Procedures for Collecting Capillary Blood Specimens Skills: 20 points Objectives: 1.


Exercise 10: Preparation of Peripheral Blood Smears 1 EXERCISE 10: PREPARATION OF PERIPHERAL BLOOD SMEARS Textbook: Chapter 10 Procedures for Collecting Capillary Blood Specimens Skills: 10 points Objectives: 1.

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