Council of Higher Education Scholarship Program for Students ...

Council of Higher Education Scholarship Program for Students of Czech, Slovak, or Ruthenian Descent THE PROGRAM The Council of Higher Education has established a scholarship program for U.S. and Canadian students of Czech, Slovak, or Ruthenian descent who plan to continue education in ...

Slovak Folk Crafts

crafts not available in the United States. They also learned that Slovakia is having many difficulties moving to a free market economy after more than 40 years of communist control.

8. Success Stories SARIO is eager to offeryou a full range of ...

The Slovak Investment & Trade Development Agency (SARIO) is the Slovak Government Investment Promotion Agency. In Slovakia and around the world, SARIO provides a complete range of services to

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TIMELINE 833 Veľká Moravia (the Great Moravian Empire) takes shape 907 The break-up of the Great Moravian Empire; beginning of Hungarian rule in Slovakia Did you know the Czech and the Slovak Republics were united under one flag for a grand total of about 88 years in all their history?


The Slovak banking sector has gone through major restructuring in recent years (1999-2001). A series of bank failures in 1999-2001, and the resulting banking resolution, ...


Dear Friends! The Slovak Institute has the following books available: Just some books in ENGLISH about Slovaks * Let's Learn Slovak By Philip A. Hrobak - 4th edition 1990. $ 5.00 * Pride in Slovak Origin , $ 5.00 In 1971 by Jozef A. Mikus.

Slovak Fraternal-Benefit Societies in Pennsylvania

Ethnic Fraternal Societies An American Tradition with Old World Roots Background Reading Slovak Fraternal-Benefit Societies in Pennsylvania By M. Mark Stolarik From: PENNSYLV ANIA FOLKLIFE.

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The Slovak Ca TholiC FederaTion

~ 1 ~ Celebrating a Centennial of Faith, Life and Witness T he S lovak C a TholiC F ederaTion The Slovak immigrant community in the United States was nearing the peak of its existence in 1911.

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