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SKS FIBERFORCE - SKIP TO AND COMPLETE HANDGUARD INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE CONTINUING! To assemble the new stock to the barreled action, reverse disassembly process.


THE 7.62~MM SIMONOV SEMIAUTOMATIC CARBINE (SKS) General The Soviet-designed Simonov semiautomatic carbine (fig1 ) , ... You will learn disassembly, cleaning, reassembly of the weapon within 35 minutes.

Subpart CC – Cranes and Derricks in Construction: Assembly ...

Page 1 of 2 Subpart CC – Cranes and Derricks in Construction: Assembly/Disassembly This fact sheet explains the assembly and disassembly requirements of subpart CC – Cranes

SKS Rifle

2 Disassembly Make sure the SKS carbine is pointed in a safe direction and then set the safety to the safe position. Depress the magazine latch shown and open the magazine.

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Routine cleaning, after every shooting session: Remove the upper assembly as stated in the disassembly section of this manual. Thoroughly clean the bolt face and all interior sides of the slide with solvent and a brush.

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R OMANIAN SKS S EMI -A UTO R IFLE , C AL . 7.62 X 39 MM RI067-GC Condition Good with Cracked Stock Y UGOSLAVIAN SKS MDL 59, C AL . 7.62 X 39 MM Y UGOSLAVIAN M59/66, ...

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MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Stripping for Cleaning - Disassembly 1. Remove the magazine. 2. Shift the safety to its "SAFETY-OFF" position in order that the bolt can be manipulated. 3.

Isolation Valve System

The Glatt SKS isolation valve system sets new standards in the containment transfer and is since several years a worldwide ... •extremly low-wear operation because no mechanical contact between disk and housing •quick and easy disassembly/ reassembly for cleaning/ inspection •completely WIP ...

aK-47 Safety M anual

( fig.*1 ) GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS The following instructions should be observed during disassembly and assembly: • Before the rifle is disassembled, ...

Towerand Mobile Crane Safety

During assembly/disassembly of the crane's boom, do not unlock or remove pins unless sections are blocked and secure (stable). Properly plan lifting operations and always supervise them appropriately.

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