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Marquette Shoppers Shuttle

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Vendors For: Mobility - Wheelchairs (Power)

... July 15, 2011 City Name Address Postal Telephone Lindsay Shoppers Drug Mart 74 Kent Street West K9V 2Y4 7053247400 London Dura Med Mobility Products Inc. 566 ... 2K9 9055762174 Ottawa Canada Care Medical Inc. 1644 Bank Street K1V 7Y6 6132341222 Ottawa Conval-Aid Inc. 2600 Lancaster Road K1B 4Z4 6137382721 Ottawa Econo ...


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Nauck Town Square Center

Within Nauck, Trammel Crow is developing Alexan, a 251-unit project on the Econo-Lodge site. ... PRIMARY RETAIL CATEGORY Area 1 ($000) Area 2 ($000) Type of Business 2005 2010 2005 2010 Convenience $ 14,265 $ 21,242 $148,885 $188,615 Shoppers Goods ...


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Power Zone®Shelf Management Systems

Keep product visible with this affordable Self-facing Paddle. ■ ECONO Self-facing Paddle keeps products up front and always visible to shoppers, increasing sales ■ Hands-free facing with automatically advanced product reduces in-store labor costs ■ Designed to self-face a variety of package styles and ...

Wal-Mart and the Local Economy

This is mainly due to a greater incidence of walk-in (or drive-by) shoppers. ... The best evidence on overall changes in local employment resulting from a new Wal-Mart is found in the work of University of Missouri econo­ mist Emek ...

Lowest Auto Parts Prices

Auto Parts GIANT We offer thousands of top products and brands that are sure to please even the most discriminating shoppers. Lowest Prices Avalable!

Shopper's Paradise

Shoppers will find African attire, T-shirts emblazoned with images from African American and Caribbean history, Haitian art, Jamaican artifacts and much ... C & M Sweet Bakery Inc. 13804 NW 7th Ave. Miami, FL 33168 305/688-0110 Dave Jamaican Bakery & Restaurant 700 NW 183rd St. Miami, FL 33169 305/652-1231 Econo ...


Third-quarter gross domestic product fig-uresshowthat stimulus mea-sureshadtheir desired effect, luring shoppers into car deal-ershipsand electronics ... September pe-riodfromtheprior quarter, twice what economists ex-pectedandthe second consec-utiveperiodof growth for the world'ssecond-largest econo my.

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