117 cm (46") Full HD 3D Max DVB-T/C

A Philips 9000 series Smart LED TV with Ambilight Spectra XL and Perfect Pixel HD 117 cm (46") Full HD 3D Max DVB-T/C 46PFL9706H Award winning performance 3 sided Ambilight and best picture quality Awarded Best LCD TV by EISA for the last 10 years, the 9000 series brings innovation in picture ...


GENERAL INFORMATION Page 2 W GENERAL INFORMATION All dimensioned drawings are displayed within the confines of available space on the page and are only intended as a guide.

All descriptions and specifications are subject to change ...

technical data model eco 10 lt2 eco 10 lt3 eco 12 lt2 eco 12 lt3 eco 15 lt2 eco 15 lt3 eco 10 st2 eco 12 st2 eco 15 st2 dooor opening mm. 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500

Centrifugal Pumps C-Series

C-Series Centrifugal Pump 2 Pure pumping value: Reliability + Economy Models C-114 through C-328 Long-life backplate and adapters — •* both backplate (with O-ring) and adapters are machined from solid bar stock stainless steel for optimum casing seal life and corrosion resistance.

and a step forward in sound quality that raises the bar to a ... It’s that time again. When B&W unveils the latest edition of its 600 Series. It’s been going on since the mid-1990s.


30051-EN_Ver4.0. fm/2 Schneider Electric General Cam switches Complete products 10 A The range of K10 cam switches (10A rating) comprises only complete switches.

REDUCIR PRITISKA Serije 5360 - 5362 - 5365 - 5366

Sedište ventila Konstrukcija Kompenzacijsko sedište &DOHIIL*UHGXFLUL*SULWLVND*VX*LVSRUX˛HQL*VD*NRPSHQ]DFLMVNLP*VHGL „WHP**7R*]QD˛L* da podešena vrednost pritiska *QL]YRGQR*RVWDMH* konstantna *QH]DYLVQR*RG* YDULMDFLMH*SULWLVND*LVSUHG*YHQWL OD* Bešuman 8QXWUD„QMD*NRQVWUXNFLMD*MH ...

K3 – Contactors & Accessories

Outstandig advantages K3 - Series • Minimum size & Maximum performance • Large cable cross sections • Heat emission improved => effect increase of AC3 and AC1 values • Ambient temperatures - 40°C ...

200 Series Centrifugal Pumps

2 Centrifugal Pumps For six decades, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell has been the leading producer of stainless steel rotary positive displacement pumps for the sanitary and industrial markets.


Metalom oklopljeni, plinom SF6 izolirani serije KSMV KOMPAKTNI SKLOPNI MODULI KONČAR - ELEKTRIČNI APARATI SREDNJEG NAPONA d.d. 363 - KSMV / HE 04/2006

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