Directions: Make each simple sentence into a 7Up sentence The ...

©Denise Talbott 7Up Sentences 7Up Sentences 7Up Sentences Directions: Make each simple sentence into a 7Up sentence The dog growled. The big, mean dog growled at the cat he chased up the tree. ©Denise Talbott 1 1 7Up Sentences 7Up Sentences 7Up Sentences I found a penny. ©Denise Talbott 2 7Up ...


Created by Ms. Ross Spelling/Sentences Name:///// ///// ///// ///// ///// 9 Begin with a CAPITAL. 9 End with a ! ? . 9 Check your work.

Subject: expresses theme or agent

3 Major + minor in sentences Ñ Sentences often combine major and minor components Ñ Without hearing the intonation of a sentence or having cues from punctuation, the function of nouns can be ambiguous in child language â Maurice, do it! vocative + command â Maurice do it!

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age . Sentences, Paragraphs, and Compositions . Skills Practice for Chapters 9-11 • Student Worksheets • Writer's Reference Sheets • AnswerKey

Simple Sentences

-ot Simple Sentences Cherry Carl, 2004 Simple Sentences Simple Sentences ((ot) ot) Name Read each sentence below, saying the -ot picture names as you read.

Combining Sentences Mini-Lessons and Practice

NAME * ClASS DATE LESSON 2 Using Semicolons When you write a first draft, you may notice that you put your ideas into separate sentences. As a result, your first draft contains many short and choppy sentences.


ELEMENTARY SIS ENGLISH SENTENCE STANDARDS-BASED PROMOTION SENTENCE FOR EL LEARNERS Use the following sentence to print a roster of EL students at ELD levels 1-4 who are at risk of retention based on the ELD Criteria for Mandatory ELD Intervention and/or Retention in REF-1690.1 "ELD Standards ...


1 SS05 SENTENCES: BASIC PATTERNS The bare-minimum sentence in English has only a subject and a verb. The subject is a noun. Or the subject may be a pronoun -a short noun-substitute like I, you, he, she, it, we, they .

Meaningful Sentences

Meaningful Sentences Vocabulary this year will be focused around meaningful sentences, which is just another way of saying sentences that use context clues.

Four Types of Sentences

Four Types of Sentences There are four basic types of sentences: 1) simple ; 2) compound; 3) complex ; and 4) compound-complex-1-A simple sentence consists of a core--subject, verb, object (sometimes) or complement (sometimes)--and modifying phrases (for example, prepositional phrases used as ...

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