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Student Worksheet: Build Your Own Seismograph You are a team of engineers who have been given the challenge of designing a reliable seismograph to record earthquake activity in your classroom.

Model Seismograph-Classroom Demonstration

Fe lt pen Model Seismograph-Classroom Demonstration By Jenda Johnson*, based on John Lahr's earthquake website, and modified from a design developed by the California Science Center..

Viewing Near Real-Time Seismograph

Viewing Near Real-Time Seismograph Data from Indiana University Teachers! Want to turn your computer into a seismograph station? Now you can record live seismic data via the internet!

A Brief History of Seismology

"Introduction To Seismology" by Peter Shearer, Cambridge University Press Early 1900s Early 1900s  B. B. Galitzen develops the first electromagnetic  B. B. Galitzen develops the first electromagnetic seismograph in which a moving pendulum generates seismograph in which a moving pendulum generates electric ...

History of seismology

Need for global seismic monitoring to confirm adherence to treaty Other discoveries/developments • 1935—Charles Richter develops "Richter scale" for measuring strength of S. Californian earthquakes • 1946—First nuclear explosion recorded by a seismograph • 1969—seismometer placed on moon • 1977—Moment ...

2003G Volume 1 - Blast Vibration and Seismograph Section 2002

- Adopted by numerous regulatory bodies - Available in Spanish • Performance Specifications for Blasting Seismographs (Appendix 2) - Current yardstick for designing blasting seismographs - A more stringent specification may be developed once a testing laboratory is found.

Earthquake Magnitude Calculator for the AS-1 Seismograph 1

Magnitude calculator for the AS-1… Page 2 of 23 This earthquake magnitude calculator is designed for the AS-1 Seismograph.

P-Waves and S-Waves

The seismometer sends signals to a seismograph, which records the earthquake as a series of lines on a graph called a seismogram. Objectives: The student will: correctly label illustrations of P-Waves and S-Waves; • correctly label the starting points of P-Waves and S-Waves on a seismograph; and • use a ...

Field Practice Guidelines for Blasting Seismographs

To address this issue, the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) established a Seismograph Standards Subcommittee at its annual conference held in February 1995.

How Often Do Earthquakes Appear on the Seismograph? 1

How Often Do Earthquakes Appear… Page 2 of 11 For the AS-1 seismograph (for more information see the AS-1 Seismograph links at: ) , the display and analysis software is AmaSeis ( http://www.geol. ).

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