Scripture4All Interlinear: Romans 2

Scripture4All Interlinear: Romans 2:1 2 dio dio G1352 Conj THRU-WHICH wherefore anapologhtos anapologEtos G379 a_ Nom Sg m UN-FROM-said defenseless ei ei G1488 vi Pres vxx 2 Sg YOU-ARE w O G5599 Inj o ! anqrwpe anthrOpe G444 n_ Voc Sg m human ! pas pas G3956 a_ Nom Sg m EVERY o ho G3588 t_ Nom ...

Scripture4All Interlinear: Matthew 1

The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Scripture4All Interlinear: Matthew 1

Ancient Memory Techniques Symposium, "Standing Together for ...

In a survey over the entire book with the Romans' memory palace, putting myself in the lector's place, I would choose a well-known home of typical Roman construction with a 16 17 Twenty English Translations available at

Personal Bible Reading

This is available free on the internet at , and in print at . 3. The ESV, the latest Bible preferred by evangelical churches, was released in 2001.

The Lost Data on The Chariots of the Elohim

Ps. 95:2-6 See <> YHVH'S HOLY 1 ELOHIM ( 1 as they are called in Dan. 4:8 & 5:11) To begin to understand how the Hebrew language lost its understanding of the records 2 of YHVH Elohim (the Modern Hebrew spelling which will be discussed further on), we must begin with an ...

Raising Hell

In verses where modern translations have changed or watered down words, I have gone to the Greek or Hebrew and printed the more literal translation. Be sure to check pass ages yourself i n the Interlinear Bible at:

Schibboleth Le blé du ciel

Is Is 2277 Ps Ps 6699 Schibboleth. Le blé du ciel 82 Note. Les extraits bilingues sont empruntés à:

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