POSITIVE FEEDBACK ONLINE - ISSUE 44 Following the Audio Avant-garde: Audience Speakers by Jim Merod Bam-bam! Avant-garde Territory Once Again A guy schleps along month after month with nothing dramatic to report and then, wham!

On the Old National Pike

The National Road Scenic Byway The 700-mile National Road was the nation's fi rst federally funded interstate highway, conceived under the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson.

Press-Telegram (Long Beach, CA)

He wears jeans, drives a Toyota, schleps his kids to McDonald's, runs a household, has a girlfriend. Nothing unusual. It is his job title that causes the startled looks, ...


... Vladimir Schleps of Coast and Harbor Engineering and Bob Boudinot, of Leonard, Boudinot & Skodje. ADJOURNMENT With no other business to discuss at this time, ...

Statements by 2006 candidates for AMPS Presidency

... then he goes, And schleps back and And schleps back and And schleps back and forth, forth, forth, Cause, one winter up Cause, one winter up Cause, ...

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happy accidents for spiritual schleps like me, and that one day I will arrive at the judgment bar of God with a bag full of saving grace and say in all

-The Script Department-

“Mike schleps camera gear,” or “Mike struggles with camera gear” say more in less space, and give the reader a mental picture of exactly what Mike might look like with the gear.

Trinity Lutheran Church Dundee, Wisconsin Death Register ...

Buried TLCD Kuthz (Kutz), Mrs. Johanna Christine Friedericke, nee Ramthun Born 31 May, 1822 Neu Schleps Hinter Pommern Died 10 April, 1897 Age 74 yrs 9 months 9 days Buried T Lutheran Cem.

Pine Rivers Rowing Club

So the captain schleps off to Cambridge and hides in the bushes of the Charles River, from where he carefully watches the Harvard team at their daily practice.

November 28 Longbranch ballroom Marion. 6-11PM

... banging through some stuff on Pro-Tools and then sending it out to poor unsuspecting schleps like you and me in the hopes we'll find some good in it.

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