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... F 847-895-3600 SCHAUMBURG 847-885-6300 Cultural Center V I L L A G E O F Family Counseling Center 847-524-3388 For questions regarding this map, call: Trustees Municipal Center Village Clerk 847-882-3586 Fire Department 847-923-4430 847-895-4500 Teen Center SCHAUMBURG ZONING MAP ...


right-of-way (r.o.w.) with prescription zoning map 2011 public schools high schools buffalo grove high school 1101 w. dundee rd. (buffalo grove)

Community Development Department DEVELOPMENT REVIEW CHECKLIST

Applicable zoning fee(s), payable to the Village of Schaumburg _____ 3. Location Map _____ 4. Required plans (see chart below) a. Site Plan _____ b.

Cook County - Zoning Map Amendment Application

When ready to file, please telephone and MAKE AN APPOINTMENT with Kellie Peterson, Zoning Administrator's Office (312) 603-0503. Rules for Filing Map Amendment Applications A "map amendment" is a change in zoning classification from the Cook County Comprehensive Land Use Map.


A large scale information map showing location of preliminary plat area. iii. The zoning classification under the Village of Schaumburg , Cook County , or abutting municipalities, the zoning of all surrounding land indicating whether it is in the Village of Schaumburg, Cook County or other municipality.

Zoning Map Color

zoning map color.dgn. pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 r-1 o-1 o-1 o-1 o-1 o-1 r-5 r-5 r-5 r-5 r-5 r-5 r-5 r-5 r-5 r-5 r-5 c-2 c-2 c-2 c-2 ...

GOLF-ROSELLE SUB-AREA PLAN An Element of the Village ...

Prepared by the Village of Schaumburg Community Development Department ... Existing and Adjacent Zoning Districts Commercial, Commercial/Service, and Residential ... Roselle Sub-Area (GRS – see Map 1). Located in the Village’s

Table of Contents

The joint engineering study with the Village of Schaumburg was completed for the Frederick Lane and Jones Road Collection systems which will bring Hoffman ... A successor collective bargaining agreement was successfully reached with Hoffman Estates Chapter 96, Metropolitan Alliance of Police (MAP) who ...

Seismic Design Considerations in Model Codes

Determining the Seismic Performance Category of a structure required: 1) the interpolation of a ground motion parameter on a contour map, based on the location of the structure, 2) determining the use classification of the structure, and 3) consulting a table.

Village of Glenview Plan Commission Staff Report

APPLICANT: Pulte Home Corporation 1901 N. Roselle Road, Suite 1000 Schaumburg, IL 60195 Tel: (847) 230-5281 Fax: (847) 230-5435 OWNER: Department ... OFFICIAL MAP AMENDMENT: The subject property is designated upon the Village's Official Map to allow only the existing zoning classification of P-1 Public Lands ...

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