Scantronic Burglar Alarms

Microprocessor Intruder Alarm System

20 System Walk Test The user can 'Walk Test' the system and test the operation of each detector circuit (with the exception of panic alarms or fire ... SCANTRONIC L TD Manufactured in the UK by Scantronic Ltd. Pt. No. 495665 Issue 2

User Manual

Scantronic Ltd. Perivale Industrial Park, Greenford, Middx. UB6 7RJ.England Tel: 081-991 1133, Telex: 915 810 SCANCO G Fax: 081-997 4448 Customer Support (UK) - Tel - (0800) 373767 or (0594) 543343 Pt. No. 495655/ MAY 91/ Issue 1 SCANTRONIC

7350CS 500r+ Datasheet

The Scantronic 5 Series eliminates the need for complex wiring between detection devices, making the product exceptionally easy to install and program ... OP1 signals burglar alarms, OP2 signals personal attack. These can be connected to a 660 Speech Communicator Quick Set Panel sets within 3 seconds, if the ...


Responding to other Alarms When your system raises an alarm other than a fire alarm, you must: • Unset the system as normal to switch off the sounders and strobes.

9448+/9448ES Installation and User Guide

2 of 12 496328 Issue 2 INTRODUCTION The 9448+ and 9448ES Alarm Control Panels are fully programmable 7 zone control panels with Full and Part Set, designed for domestic installations.


Installation 11772232 Page 25 Communicator The 9651 can be fitted with a communicator or speech dialler, for example the Scantronic 660, 8400, and 8440 ... with PD 6662 / prEN 50131-1: 2004 (see page 73) requires that the Bell Delay does not exceed 10 minutes and that it is not used for entry alarms.

Paragon Plus Rins 154-1

It will record Fire, Intruder, Personal Attack and Tamper alarms and also show if any of the 6 alarm zones have been triggered or omitted. The Engineer can set the clearing of the log for either Engineer-only or both Master User and Engineer.

8354CS Radio system

SCANTRONIC RADIO SYSTEMS COVER IT ALL Alarm re-transmission device Use the 4624 transmitter to collect ... Use a 4602 hand-held panic button with 4612/4618 receiver connected to a conventional burglar alarm ... hard-wired and wirefree systems, to digital and voice communicators, to detectors and social alarms.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms CONTROL PANELS 90 XR PANELS Description Ref No. Order No. 8274 ON BOARD KEYPAD 8 Zone Control Panel INT-XR1880074 c/w On-Board Keypad END ... RFX08 8 Zone Radio RFX08 990638 Expander (for use with Scantronic 9751/9752/ 9853 EN panels) 2 RFX16 16 Zone Radio RFX16 990777 Expander (for use with Scantronic ...


The radio detectors operate on 868.6625MHz, which is a dedicated frequency for intruder alarms and reduces the possibility of interference from other ... Using Scantronic Downloader software, the remote PC can upload and download system parameters (including the event log and diagnostics), set and unset the ...

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