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These systems also streamline document distribution with the color/black &white scanning capabilities of the Savin 9025 & 9033, and the black & white scanning capabilities of the 9025b & 9033b.

SAVIN INTRODUCES THE 9025b/9025 AND 9033b/9033 DIGITAL ...

Equipped with Web SmartDeviceMonitor, these digital imaging systems allow centralized configuration, monitoring and management of multiple connected Savin devices. The 9025 and 9033 also include auto e-mail notification that sends a report to a designated e-mail address when the machine is not ...

Step up to color — a smart . choice for your business. Transform the way you work. Working harder isn't always enough when you need to outperform your competition or meet tight deadlines.

Wulff Enterprises

02/03/2012 4 Page: Manufacturer/Model# CTRL # Accessories Comments Meter GA Inventory for Sale E(BN3030) Savin 9025 180578 ST() RADF(DF3030) PC(TYPE 3350 (S))

Wulff Enterprises

02/03/2012 3 Page: Manufacturer/Model# CTRL # Accessories Comments Meter OH Inventory for Sale Savin SGC 1506 191519 Has stand and 1C PFU, black meter = ... scratched, dirty 57 Savin 9025 182950 RADF(DF3030) FN(SR790) 30 Savin 9025 182951 ST() RADF(DF3030)

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