PAN-27S (02-09) Pennsylvania Association of Notaries One Gateway Center, Suite 401 420 Fort Duquesne Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1498 800-944-8790 — HERE'S HOW TO USE THE CONTENTS OF PAN'S SALVOR PACKAGE Use this checklist to make sure you complete your application for a ...

PennDOT - Salvor Manual

5 INTRODUCTION This manual is designed to assist you when applying to be a licensed salvor and assist in the execution of salvor applications. It provides you with the information needed to successfully establish your business of towing abandoned vehicles in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


The Official Newsletter for the Divers and Salvors of the United States Navy Volume 7, No. 1 / April, 2003 USS SALVOR (ARS 52)

PennDOT Form MV-951

Sign, date and have notarized in Section F. NOTE: If no licensed salvor exists in the county, a repair or towing company may be eligible for certificate of authorization as a salvor.


u.s. navy salvor’s handbook s0300-a7-hbk-010 0910-lp-046-7750 revision 1 distribution statement a: this document has been approved for public release and sale; its

be used by a salvor in conjunction

Vehicle Unit. Form MV-4RP (8-06) Abandoned Vehicle Unit P.O. Box 68594 Harrisburg, PA 1 71 06-8594 NOTE: This form may onty be used by a salvor in conjunction with a salvage vehicle which has a faulty, lost or destroyed title when the vehicle is located on the property of its owner.

From: Commanding Officer, USS SALVOR (ARS 52) To

Command Composition and Organization 1. Command Mission. The mission of USS SALVOR is fourfold. a. Salvage of Stranded Vessels. Disabled vessels require various support services.

USS Salvor gets decommissioned, transfers to MSC

January 19,2007 Volume 32 Issue 2 USS Hopper change of command See page A-2 Pearl Harbor waterline project See page A-4 MDSU One salutes Copernicus Award winner See page A-2 Hawai'i National Volcanoes Park See page B-1 ...

The Law of Salvage - by Newell D. Smith

The Law of Salvage - by Newell D. Smith The Law Of Salvage Author: Newell D. Smith J.D., 1980, University of Puget Sound February 5, 1994 The Law Of Salvage Under maritime law, a salvor of endangered property on navigable waters obtains the right to monetary payment from the owner.

salvor’s application/invoice for settlement

instrUctions: r SALVAGE VEHICLE, OWNER KNOWN - Complete Sections A, C, D(Certificate of Salvage will be branded “formerly abandoned.”) r UNCLAIMED SALVAGE VEHICLE, NO OWNER - Complete Sections A, C, D (Certificate of Salvage will be branded “formerly abandoned.”)

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