Ask Your Sailmaker

Ask Your Sailmaker With David Flynn from the Quantum Sail Design Group [email protected] How Long Do Sails Last? And the corollary: What Can I Do To Take Care of Them?

Australia's International Sailmaker

Australia's International Sailmaker •Racing and Cruising Sails •Architectural Shade Sails & Membranes •Tension Structures •Pool Covers •Architectural rigging •Furling & Sail Handling Systems •Contract Computerised Design •Contract Cutting and Manufacturing •Repairs and ...

SAILS - Anglican Sailing Adventures in Life Skills

Community Building Programs (Recreation) Sails Mentoring Program Sailing and kayaking Programs School Holiday Programs Saturday Regular Programs High School Programs Community and Youth Organisations Gold Coast Wide Sunshine Coast Brisbane Paradise Point SAILS at Bayside SAILS at Bayside ...

D4 Custom Load Path Sail Laminate

D4 - Superior Results From Superior Technology „We sailed upwind in 35 knots for two and a half days and our D4 sails are still in mint condition - a true reflection of the outstanding quality and impressive research and development.

SAILS, what does that stand for?

INVOICE SAILS, Inc. — Serving Libraries 547 West Grove St. INVOICE NO. [100] Middle boro, MA 02346 DATE August 8, 2007 508-946-8600 CUSTOMER [Network1] [email protected] org TO: Network Members SALESPERSON JOB PAYMENT TERMS DUE DATE SA ILS Support Team Network serv ices due annually upon ...

Sail Care & Maintenance

BETTER ENGINEERED SAILS Your guide to extending the life and performance of your new sail through regular inspection, washing, proper use of sail cleaners, and protection from ultraviolet rays, overloading, and flogging.


The sails have stainless steel cabled hems, which is important given that the webbed seams in competitors'sails are prone to stretching. Colours: ...

Keeping sails clean is part diligence, part science, and part f

Sail Cleaning Tips Keeping sails clean is part diligence, part science, and part fate. The fate part is closely associated with the environment and climate where the sails are used and stored.

Leveraging Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) In ...

SAILS Advantage Leveraging Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) In International Markets SAILS' services enable new entrants as well as companies alr eady having a physicl presence in the region to be more successf ul in what they do best and help increase sales and market share, develop new products, ...

Scale Sails for your Model

M AKING AND F ORMING S AILS FOR YOUR M ODEL This article is presented in a format that points the reader to previously tried and tested methods and techniques rather than repeating the information ad-nauseam as this subject has sufficient material to write a small book.

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