The Common SABRE API

CCSAPI Introduction Sabre access is very important to many products both internal and external to Sabre. These applications all need connectivity to Sabre but the connectivity is implemented in various ways.

MySabre Migration / Installation Guide

Page 1 Revised April 15, 2004 MySabre Migration / Installation Guide 1. Introduction The MySabre TM Installation process has been automated to provide you with a smooth installation and migration to Sabre Travel Network's new desktop platform.

(EN) Workspace Advanced Installation Guide

ii (EN) Workspace Advanced Installation Guide October 22, 2010 Prepared by Sabre Inc. Date October 22, 2010 EFM Template Version 2.2 (October 2000) Edition 1.0 © 2010, Sabre Inc.

SABRE - 2011 News and Intelligence for Public Relations ...

SABRE AWARDS 2011 News and Intelligence for Public Relations Professionals ASIA-PACIFIC CALL FOR ENTRIES For more information on the SABRE Awards:

(EN) Workspace Basic Installation Guide

This document describes a basic installation of The Sabre® Red™ Workspace for users who: Can download files directly from the Internet. Have sufficient network bandwidth to download the system files in a reasonable amount of time.

MySabre Scribe

For example, a plug-in named com.sabre.scribe editor_1.0.0.v200709261638.jar means that the plug-in was built 26 Sept 2007 at 16:38. OR Select Help >Eclipse SDK About >Plug-in Details from the Eclipse interface.

Sabre PromoSpots

Sabre PromoSpots Delivers promotional offers at the point of sale WHAT YOU MAY BE FACING NOW In today's competitive marketplace, you are constantly looking for more effective ways to get your message to consumers.

MySabre Scribe

READ FILE = "SABRE:" Reads the data returned by the Sabre system without displaying it on the emulator screen when it immediately follows the WRITE FILE="SABRE:" command.


December, 2006 SABRE ® HPLC GUARANTEE AND ISO CERTIFICATION Security Equipment Corporation's Aerosol Projectors set the industry standard. Through extensive testing and internal quality control Security Equipment Corporation's (SEC), SABRE ® and SABRE Red ® aerosol projectors proudly promote ...


2 1.0 INTRODUCTION In a letter dated 2 nd December, 2002, I was invited by Sabre Foundation to visit the USA as part of the computer and Internet training for partners and Book Program Development.

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