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the great socialist people's libyan arab jamahirya sabratha cancer registry (a unit of national cancer registry program) first annual report population-based cancer registry 2006 african oncology institute sabratha, libya

Ibrahim Omar Dabbashi Ambassador, Deputy Permanent ...

Street New York, NY 10017 Tel: 212.752.5775 Fax: 212.319.3866 NNaammee:: Ibrahim Omar Dabbashi DDaattee// PPllaaccee ooff BBiirrtthh:: Sabratha, Libya, 25 February 1950 NNaattiioonnaalliittyy:: Libyan SSoocciiaall SSttaattuuss:: Married with 6 children EEdduuccaattiioonnBA in French Language and ...


We also like to invite other institutes and individuals to join hands in our effort of cancer registry and onwards, with the ultimate aim of improving delivered cancer care to our population. Dr. Hussein El Hashmi Executive Director African Oncology Institute Sabratha - LIBYA

Coastal Tripolitania

COASTAL TRIPOLITANIA 99 Coastal Tripolitania Leptis Magna and Sabratha - what more do we need to say? There is no finer ancient Roman city than Leptis Magna anywhere in the world and most travellers agree that it's Libya's most rewarding site.


The Great Civilisations of Antiquity From 700 BC, Lebdah (Leptis Magna), Oea (Tripoli) and Sabratha formed some of the links in a chain of safe Phoenician (Punic) ports stretching from the Levant around to Spain. Traces of the Phoenician presence in Libya remain at Sabratha ( p134 ) and Leptis Magna ( p134 ).

2005 Field trip Libya - Moscatelli

7 Sabratha Platform Jacket -Main Features É 20 slots, 202 m height, 24,000 T É 8 legs, 16 foundation piles (120-150m long each) É Installation method: launched and self upending É Installation campaign 3rd -19th October 2004 Bahr EssalamField Development Sabratha Platform

By Private Jet

•Legendary PLaces • By Private Jet • Voodoo Culture & Adobe Castles of Northern Togo • Tripoli, Sabratha & Leptis Magna, Libya • The Siwa Oasis & Alexandria, Egypt • Ancient Cities of Sri Lanka • Rangoon, Pagan & Inle Lake, Burma (Myanmar) • Zighy Bay, Musandam Peninsula, Oman ...

The Potential Value of EGFR and P53 Immunostaining in Tumors ...

Oncology, Sabratha, Libya. An experienced pathologist (SA) confirmed all histological diagnoses. IHC analysis was done using the automatic system (BenchMark XT, Ventana Medical

Papillary thyroid carcinoma formation in a thyroglossal cyst ...

A case report Ali MA 1, Abussa A 2 and Hashmi H 3 (1) Department of ENT, head and neck surgery, Tripoli medical centre, Tripoli, Libya. (2) Department of medicine, African oncology institute, Sabratha, Libya (3) Department General surgery, African oncology institute, Sabratha, Libya.


Saipem Offshore Construction EPCI capabilities are also supported by significant and growing fabrication capabilities based at the core of the main oil and gas provinces, which encompasses its wholly owned subsidiary Intermare Sarda in Italy (the record setting 23,000 t jacket for Sabratha, Libya has been ...

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