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SEX TRAFFICKING OF CHILDREN IN RUSSIA What is child trafficking? The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of a child for the purpose of exploitation.

The SocialOrganization of Commercial Sex Work in Moscow, Russia

The SocialOrganization of Commercial Sex Work in Moscow, Russia SEVGIO. ARAL, P H D,*JANETS. ST. LAWRENCE, P H D,*LILIATIKHONOVA, MD, † EMMASAFAROVA, MD, ‡ KATHLEENA.

Human Trafficking in Russia: Perspectives from Law and Justice

Prosecution of Human Trafficking in the Saratov Region Ñ In 2005, first-ever Russian Federation case against a "sex recruiter" ...

Animal Pest Alert - Rusa Deer

... bundles of vegetation in their antlers or thrash the antlers through trees and shrubs. during the rut, temporary mixed-sex groups occur, ...

Drug Policy and Health In Ukraine

Sex workers provoke similar reactions to drug users and are characterized as "perverted" elements of society. Sex workers who work on the street are said to spread infection since they "practice unsafe sex for big money."

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1 Chapter 8. 2. 3

TRANSLATION: Russian Sexual Traditions

In 953, she issued the first edict relating to the sex-wedding theme that we know of, stipulating monetary or material compensation if it was discovered that the bride was not a virgin.

Data sources on international migration: Case of the Russian ...

8 Data processing capabilities of Rosstat are quite good: we produce information not only on age and sex composition of migration flows, ...

Prevalence & etiology of nutritional anaemia among school ...

Age and sex distribution of 95 children studied for etiology of anaemia Age Boys Girls Total (yr) N% 5-5.9 10 8 18 (18.9) 6-6.9 8 6 14 (14.7) 7-7.9 7 5 12 ... Rusia U, Gupta P, Agarwal KN, Sharma S. Prevelence & etiology of nutritional anaemias in early childhood in an urban slum.

Russia and the Soviet Union, 1860s to 1960s

... Sex and the Search for Modernity in fin-de-siècle Russia (1992) L. Haimson, 'The Problem of Social Stability in Urban Russia, 1905-1917,' Slavic Review , ...

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