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Viewing Vocabulary Rubric

Viewing Vocabulary Rubric 4 3 2 1 Word Choices All or most words are highly related to major ideas in the text. Most words are related to major ideas in the text.

vocabulary story rubric

The author... 4 • used all their vocabulary words correctly. • had a well-developed problem and resolution. • identified their words. • used their best spelling. • used their best grammar. • used their best punctuation. • wrote a creative story. • wrote a story that made sense ...

Sample Rubrics

... Rubrics ... VOCABULARY use is practically nonexistent, incorrect usage outweighs correct usage; little to no current vocabulary is evident and/or correct.!

Unit Rubrics

Unit Rubrics Vocabulary: 65 points Acquiring Vocabulary: 10 points ♦ Honest attempt to identify vocabulary words by type ♦ All words identified with a specific type or types Using Vocabulary: 25 points ♦ All words are accurately defined ♦ Definitions are synonyms or short phrases ♦ All ...


Consistently shows ability to recognize and explain meaning of selected grade level vocabulary words. Consistently uses and identifies suffixes correctly Consistently shows ability to recognize and explain meaning of higher level vocabulary words.

Using Guided Fluency and Vocabulary Instruction to Increase ...

Vocabulary Teaching Higher Academic Vocabulary Words which occur frequently or are key to understanding a passage or unit. ... words every day for 5 days and include cloze exercises (two of them) and comprehension questions (two of them), and matching on vocabulary. Creating Rubrics ...

ELD Reading Rubric

COMMENTS: J:\Support to Districts Team\West\rubrics\ELD Reading Rubric. doc 1 ... ELD Teacher: Date of Birth Today's Date: Beginning Early Intermediate Intermediate Early Advanced Advanced Vocabulary • Has a basic vocabulary repertoire of isolated words and ...

Sample AAssessment Rubrics 101

The following rubrics, guidelines, and checklist are used in conjunction with the New York ... Vocabulary: Words and expressions used in the target language. 2 Uses excellent vocabulary with relative ease.

Unit on Natural Disasters: Prior Knowledge for Novel Study

Day TWO Lesson: Draw vocabulary words and their meanings State ELP Standard: READING: 7.2.6 Identify with key words and phrases the components of visually supported informational materials.

Vocabulary Assessment and Organization

Teachers can design rubrics to grade these vocabulary notebooks, which can be in three-ring binders, spiral-bound notebooks, or composition books. ... Teacher selects two rich vocabulary words for instruction, introduces them to the class, and explains why she selected them. 2 Deep study of ...

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