RS 232 UART Application Note (c) A.L.S.E.

© 2009 A.L.S.E. - B. Cuzeau RS232 Basics Application Note v1.1c Reproduction is prohibited. Introduction This physical and logical format has been the most popular way for transmitting data between two computers or between a computer and a peripheral.

The Analyst RS422/RS232 Tester (Standard Model) User Manual

The Analyst RS422/RS232 Tester Page 1 of 31 Table of Contents A. REVISION HISTORY ..... 1 B. INTRODUCTION ..... 1 C. GETTING STARTED ...

The Big Deal •

For detailed performance specs & shopping online see web site mi n ici rcuits. c o m IF/RF MICROW A VE COMPONENTS . RS232/USB-SPI Key Features


RS232 Link use the 9 pin cable provided or follow the chart below: RS232 Link of Typical PC or Pin on 9 RS232 Interface A/V equipmentpin cable

GRX-CI-RS232 Control Interface

®Job Name: Job Number: Model Numbers: Page SPECIFICATION SUBMITTAL 369364 Rev. A 1 12.16.10 Control Interfaces GRX-CI-RS232 GRX-CI-RS232 Control Interface Description •*Integrates*a* GRAFIK Eye *Lighting*and*Shade*Control* System*with*a*touchscreen,*PC,*or*other*digital* equipment*that ...

Model URA-RS232, Projector Controller Serial Device

4 Model URA-RS232 Description The Model URA-RS232 is a standard VGA-plus-Audio over Cat5 Receiver with the added feature of having a programmable RS-232 serial device port for the control & automation of a Projector, LCD, or any other device with serial port.

Datasheet for Model 9PMTT

9PMTT5299 - pg. 1/1  1996 B&B Electronics - Revised January 2000 This product designed and manufactured in USA of domestic and imported parts by RS-232 Tester CE CE CE CE Model 9PMTT The RS-232 Tester is designed to be connected in series with any RS-232 interface.

DN75 - RS232 Interface Circuits for 3.3V Systems

advertisement 10/93/75 RS232 Interface Circuits for 3.3V Systems - Design Note 75 Gary Maulding The rapid, widespread use of 3.3V logic circuits complicates the selection of RS232 interface circuits.

The Analyst RS422/RS232 Tester

Microsoft Word - RS422 RS232 Tester _LOG2_ Log-VTR_Option User Manual.doc

RS232 Level Conversion

Solder Wires to back of male DB9 connectors • We are using a ST202EBN (or a MAX202EBE or similar compatible IC), which has two transmitters and two receivers.

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