EIIP Area Source Abstract

AREA SOURCE CATEGORY METHOD ABSTRACT - ASPHALT ROOFING KETTLES 9/30/00 1 EIIP Volume III ASPHALT ROOFING KETTLES D ESCRIPTION This category covers the installation and repair of asphalt roofs on commercial and industrial buildings.

Eagle Cool Roof Tile

Per ENERGY STAR, a reflective roofing product like Eagle's Cool Roof Tile can lower roof surface temperatures by up to 100°F.

07 52 16 - Modified Bitumen Roofing

RELEASE - R2.0 SECTION 07 52 16 BART FACILITIES STANDARDS Issued: 09/30/2008 PAGE 1 OF 6 STANDARD SPECIFICATION SECTION 07 52 16 MODIFIED BITUMEN ROOFING PART 1 - GENERAL 1.01 SECTION INCLUDES A. Base sheet B. Cap Sheet C. Base flashing D. Cold Application Adhesive E. Flashing cement F. Cants 1 ...


Durable Energy -efficient Precision -fabricated for every building Professionally installed by authorized contractors with minimal disruption Code compliant Delivers long-term value Backed by the industry's best warranties DURO-LAST ® ROOFING, INC.


• class ‘a’ fire rating mesquite sri 31 agave sri 29 tumbleweed sri 28 malarkey roofing products 3131 n. columbia blvd. portland, oregon 97217-7472

Roofing: Premium Credits Product Listing

Roofing Products Eligible for Discount in the Following States Roofing: Premium Credits Product Listing Alberta Alabama Arkansas Colorado Georgia Iowa Illinois Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Michigan Minnesota Missouri Mississippi Montana North Dakota Nebraska New Mexico Ohio Oklahoma South ...


Cost-Effective Cool Metal Roofs Provide Continued Savings In 2004, Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Buildings Technology Center completed its three-year performance comparison study to evaluate the energy efficiency and service life of metal roofing systems.

Tyluka, L.L.C. v. Simon Roofing

[Cite as Revilo Tyluka, L.L.C. v. Simon Roofing & Sheet Metal Corp. , 193 Ohio App.3d 535, 2011-Ohio-1922.] Court of Appeals of Ohio EIGHTH APPELLATE DISTRICT COUNTY OF CUYAHOGA JOURNAL ENTRY AND OPINION No. 94952 REVILO TYLUKA, L.L.C., APPELLANT and CROSS-APPELLEE, vs. SIMON ROOFING & SHEET ...

Concealed Fastener System

PANEL SELECTION CUTTING METAL PANELS CLOSURE AND SEALANTS ROOFING INSTALLATION Failure to comply with these precautions relieves the manufacturer of responsibility for any resultant damage to, ...

ROOFING *SIDING *INSULATION The Contractor's Leading Resource ...

M ike Beldon, chairman & CEO of Beldon Roofing, San Antonio, TX, had the opportunity to meet fellow Texan and our country's new president on two occasions, back when George W. Bush was running for governor of Texas and a few years later once he was in office.

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