Rolairtrol® Air Separator

Bell & Gossett ® Instruction Manual A85524 REVISION B INSTALLER: PLEASE LEAVE THIS MANUAL FOR THE OWNER'S USE. Rolairtrol ® Air Separator Installation, Operation and Service Instructions SAFETY INSTRUCTION This safety alert symbol will be used in this manual to draw attention to safety related ...

ROLAIRTROL Air Separator

ROLAIRTROL - NPT Less Strainer A-326.6F Page 3 TYPICAL ROLAIRTROL SPECIFICATIONS Refer to submittal A-329 for information on the MBV-1 manual blowdown valve.

Bell & Gossett

DESCRIPTION The Bell & Gossett Rolairtrol is a patented air separator with significant advantages. The Rolairtrol is capable of removing the air that commonly causes problems in commercial hot and chilled water systems.

Beautifully Simple! By Jim Burns

The Rolairtrol has been an industry standard for over forty years for one simple reason: because it works! The Rolairtrol is a beautifully simple, ...

ROLAIRTROL Air Separator

ROLAIRTROL - Flanged with Strainer A-326.1G Page 3 TYPICAL ROLAIRTROL SPECIFICATIONS Refer to submittal A-329 for information on the MBV-1 manual blowdown valve.


INSIDER &REFRIGERATION R o Something to Think About Monthly Editorial By Heidi Thorne Cont. on P.3 Cont. on P.15 Cont. on P.6 Reporting For Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Professionals

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Air intake Air is a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. This accounts for 99 %. The remainder consists of argon, carbon dioxide and other rare gases. Oxygen, nitrogen, argon, as well as the rare gases neon, xenon and krypton are obtained from the air by the method of low-temperature rectification.

Centrifugal Inline Fans Models SQ and BSQ

2 Models SQ and BSQ Centrifugal Square Inline Duct Fans Greenheck Fan Corporation certifies the model SQ and BSQ fans shown herein are licensed to bear the AMCA Seal.

CW # CCW # Amps Stack Shaft Type & Length

1 Reversible Skeleton Motors Shafts are measured from front of stack to shaft end. Rotation viewed from opposite shaft end. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS:Blowers, Evaporators, Range Hoods, Exhaust Fans, Electric Heaters, Microwaves,


Chiller 3 Way Valve Cooling Coils Rolairtrol Triple Duty Valve Circuit Setter 733 GPM 733 GPM 733 GPM Suction Diffuser GPM pressure loss through the system 2200 100 feet 4400 400 feet GPM pressure loss 1100 25 feet 550 6 feet.

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