Starting Strength

Starting Strength Abs by Mark Rippetoe 1 In every weight room in all the countries of the world since the dawn of training with weights, the single biggest distraction from the actual task at hand has been abs.

Starting Strength

Starting Strength "Core" Stability "Training" by Mark Rippetoe 1 It is a matter of pride to me that I can go through an entire weekend seminar without once using the "C"-word.

Basic Strength Standards

Tables for the basic barbell exercises were developed from (1) definitions in"Practical Programming"by Kilgore, Rippetoe, and Pendlay, (2) ...


I. Introduction Purpose The purpose of this write-up is twofold: General - to provide a repository of useful information for the novice trainee Specific - to provide a coherent, linked guide to the Rippetoe Starting Strength training "theory" and to answer the 100s of questions that have been ...

K. RENEE RIPPETOE Project Manager

K. RENEE RIPPETOE Project Manager Education: M.S., Industrial Hygiene, Central Missouri State University B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas Certifications: Air Sampling Professional - Missouri and Illinois Asbestos Inspector - Missouri and Illinois Asbestos Management Planner ...


PILOT EVALUATION OF THE SCAPULAR ALIGNMENT MODEL OF THE DEADLIFT LON KILGORE, PH.D., MARK RIPPETOE & STEF BRADFORD PH.D. MIDWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY & CROSSFIT WICHITA FALLS ABSTRACT It is our proposition that an association exists between three elements during any pulling motion with a barbell ...

Be Alive. Be Very Alive.

Mark Rippetoe is the owner of Wichita Falls Athletic Club / CrossFit Wichita Falls . He has 28 years experience in the fitness industry and 10 years as a competitive powerlifter.


--Mark Rippetoe The subject of recovery time for the elderly during the course of exercise training is simply not covered in the literature by the scientists who are actually running tests and writing about human exercise and aging—at least not that we have found.

Strong Enough?

Mark Rippetoe 1 of 6 It's been a hard year here at Wichita Falls Athletic Club. We've lost a couple of very worthwhile folks since last summer, and another good friend of mine died recently.

and Sequoia Nursery

LEFT: 'Oakington Ruby' RIGHT: Rosa bracteata (photos by Robert Rippetoe) 50 rosa mundi breeding new moss roses Moss roses were the great vogue of the Victorian era and an early Moore fascination.

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