CHAPTER 6 RIGGING Rigging is the method of handling materials using fiber line, wire rope, and associated equipment. Fiber line and wire rope were discussed in chapters 4 and 5.


Rigging: Guide Part 1 1995

Disclaimer This publication contains information regarding occupational health, safety, injury management or workers compensation. It includes some of your obligations under the various workers compensation and occupational health and safety legislation that WorkCover NSW administers.


School Stage and Auditorium Safety: Rigging

2 School Stage and Auditorium Safety: Rigging ByJoann Robertson, CSP, CPCU, ARM Coordinator of Risk Management Some of the most overlooked, yet significant, safety hazards in your school building occur in a place you are least likely to look for them - on the stage and in the auditorium.


U.S. Department of Labor - Rigging Process - and Rigging

Working in the Shipyard Industry. Working in the Shipyard Industry S H I P S AFETY EALTH NJURY REVENTION HEETS and Rigging. Rigging . Process. Process


Hoisting and Rigging Safety Manual

HOISTING and RIGGING Safety Manual Infrastructure Health & Safety Association 21 Voyager Court South Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 5M7 Canada (416) 674-2726 1-800-781-2726 Fax (416) 674-8866 [email protected] www.ihsa.ca


Fishing Knots & Rigging

Passport to Fishing and Boating (2003) - Fishing Knots and Rigging Artwork: Posters © Ted Walke; Improved Clinch Knot (P. 18) courtesy of Future Fishermen Foundation Read before the Event Objectives: At the end of this station participants will: √ Know how to tie a reliable knot for attaching ...


Hoisting and Rigging: Inspection and Maintenance Requirements

Hoisting and Rigging: Inspection and Maintenance Requirements URL: http://www-group.slac.stanford. edu/esh/eshmanual/references/hoistingReqInspect.pdf Revision Record: https://www-internal.slac.stanford.edu/esh/docreview/reports/revisions.asp?ProductID=435 Department: Field Safety and Building ...


How to Rig Biplanes

Well here goes: There are several methods to rig biplanes none of which are easy and quick. Most of these methods require planning ahead and pre-drilling of holes to accept the rigging.


Construction Health and Safety Manual: Rigging (long version)

24–1 RIGGING 24 RIGGING It is important that workers involved with hoisting and rigging activities are trained in both safety and operating procedures.


Crane Rental, Rigging, Millwrighting, And Heavy Hauling

07.WFI.146G.0507 Risk Management And Insurance Services For Your Industry The crane rental, rigging, millwrighting, and heavy hauling industries are faced with unique risk factors.


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