Rheem 81v40d Element

Standard Rheemglas®Energy Miser®Electric Water Heater

Rheem Manufacturing Company • Water Heater Division • Post Office Box 244020 • Montgomery ... 17.3 50 82MVR52-2 62 21 45-1/2 45-1/2 23 130 0.93 $397 R-20 30 81V30D 48 21 45 45 17 76 0.91 $406 R-11.5 40 81V40D ... •Single element models available on special order (6000W max.).


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Rheem Advantages It is the goal of Rheem Parts to sett he standard for the plumbing industry we serve, and to be the organizationagainstw hichothersare ... Box consists of 50 element sand 50 gaskets of the same part number. HWD=High Watt Density MWD=Medium Watt Dens ity LWD=Low WattDensity


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AWHC AMERICAN Element: 'D' Double; 'S' Single Rheem RHEEM 1st Hour Rating Gal. Ruud RUUD Energy Factor Warranty Brand Models Gal. Watts Elt 1 st HrE.F. Dia. Ht. Tank Parts REGULAR 30 GALLON Gal. Watts Elt 1 st HrE.F. Dia. Ht. Tank Parts Rheem 81MV30 D 30 4500 D 40 0.891935 1/46-Year6-Year Ruud PEM30-2 30 4500 D 40 0.891935 1/46 ...


Point-Of-Use Residential Electric Rev 10

Dual element heaters have two thermostats. To comply with safety regulations the thermostat(s) were set at 120°F before the water heater was shipped from ... Additional information on this subject may be found at www.rheem.com under "Library".


Novel, inexpensive, high efficiency dual water and space ...

The Okaloosa Gas District in Florida conducted a study in 2002 and found that a Rinnai Continuum ODWH uses 45 % less energy than a natural gas HWT (Rheem 21V40-38) and 35 % less energy than an electric HWT (Rheem 81V40D).



RHEEM ® Water Heaters Rheemglas ® - Energy Miser ® - Residential ... 1011 40000 81V40D 240 40 45 13 ⁄16 45 13 ⁄16 19 ... 1659 05765 59T4000 Thermostat, Lower or 1 Element



The three types of water heating systems to be tested by Okaloosa Gas are defined as follows: System No. Manufacturer Model No. Description 1 Rheem 81V40D D ... After completing Step 1, allow water heater to return to standby mode (wait for gas burner to cease firing or electric element to de-energize).


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