Q. What is restitution? A. When the court orders you to pay ...

Q. What is restitution? A. When the court orders you to pay restitution it is ordering you to pay back the damage you caused, both to the state and to the victim(s).

What happens if I don’t pay

What happens if I don't pay? • Restitution does not go away. You will owe until you pay it off, even after you discharge from DJJ. At any time, your victim can go to court and enforce the restitution order as a civil judgment.


W HAT IS R ESTITUTION? Restitution is the money paid back to the victim from the offender. The judge orders the offender to pay back the losses caused to the victim by the crime.

Making Restitution Real Five Case Studies on Improving ...

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Restitution in Texas

Restitution *...from the Director In 2005, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tom Craddick, highlighted restitution payment as a key issue in his "Interim Study Charges" for the 79 th Legislative Session of the Texas House: "Review the applicable laws governing the payment of restitution ...

How crime victims can collect money from a defendant ordered ...

RESTITUTION JUDGMENT AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR OBTAINING PAYMENT The following information is to advise you of your legal rights and contact information to assist you in receiving restitution from the offender.


in the united states district court for the eastern district of virginia alexandria division ) united states of america) ) case no. 1:10cr200 v.

State v. Korosi

order that found him to be in violation of his community control for failure to make adequate restitution and, consequently, imposed a five-year prison

Chapter 8: Restitution

JUVENILE PROBATION OFFICER AND CASEWORKER SELF -INSTRUCTIONAL MANUAL CHAPTER 8: RESTITUTION Purpose of Restitution. The Michigan Constitution gives crime victims the right to receive restitution.

Subject: Fines, Court Costs, and Restitution

Index #: 910.04 Page 1 of 2 Effective: 11/26/02 Reviewed: State of Alaska Department of Corrections Distribution: Public Due for Rev: 11/02 Policies and Procedures Chapter: Probation Subject: Fines, Court Costs, and Restitution Authority In accordance with 22 AAC 05.155, the Department will ...

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