New Pesticide Fact Sheet: Picaridin

Based on the use pattern, skin applied insect repellent, picaridin is unlikely to result in measurable exposures to the environment. Under environmental pH and

Material Safety Data Sheet

Section 6 - ACCIDENTIAL RELEASE MEASURES N/A Section 7 - HANDLING AND STORAGE Follow the personal protection and control set forth in Section 8 of this MSDS when handling this product.

Electronic Rodent Repellent Devices: A Review of Efficacy ...

University of Nebraska - Lincoln DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska - Lincoln National Wildlife Research Center Repellents Conference 1995 USDA National Wildlife Research Center Symposia 8-1-1995 Electronic Rodent Repellent Devices: A Review of Efficacy Test Protocols and Regulatory Actions ...

R97 Water Repellent

Cathedral Stone ® Products, Inc. 7266 Park Circle Drive, Hanover, Maryland 21076 (800) 684-0901 FAX: (410) 782-9155 WEBSITE: GUIDELINE FOR WRITING SPECIFICATIONS WHEN USING R97 Water Repellent Select Relevant Selection Division 07190 - Water Repellents Part 1 - GENERAL 1 ...

Updated Information regarding Mosquito Repellents

Published data indicate that repellent efficacy and duration of protection vary considerably among products and among mosquito species and are markedly affected by ambient temperature, amount of perspiration, exposure to water, abrasive removal, and other factors.

Questions and Answers Insect Repellent Use and Safety

Questions and Answers Insect Repellent Use and Safety Q. Is DEET safe? A. Yes, products containing DEET are very safe when used according to the directions.

Material Safety Data Sheet

material safety data sheet working copy date issued: 07/26/2007 msds no: 350000004941 revision no: new msds off!® familycare insect repellent i smooth & dry 1.

Comparison of Commercial Deer Repellents

... 7% thiram Fear Deerbuster's Coyote Urine Sachet (Trident Enterprises, Frederick, MD) 50% coyote urine Fear Wolfin (Pro Cell Bioteknik, Hornefors, Sweden) Di (N-alkyl) sulfides Fear Deerbuster's Deer and Insect Repellent (Trident Enterprises, Frederick, MD) 99.3% garlic juice Fear Deer Away Big Game Repellent ...


5H. Standard Methods for Testing Mosquito Repellents . Donald R. Barnard, Ulrich R. Bernier, Rui-de Xue, and Mustapha Debboun . CONTENTS . Introduction.....103 Laboratory Repellent ...

United States Department of Agriculture

Water Repellents and Water-Repellent Preservatives for Wood R. Sam Williams William C. Feist United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service

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