Access: Reducing Patient Waiting Time

esults of patient surveys generally cite access to care and delays in care as sources of dissatisfaction. Delays are expensive, not only in terms of the direct costs they incur, but also in terms of the potential costs of decreased patient satisfaction and adverse clinical outcomes.

Assessing and Reducing Plug and Process Loads in Office ...

Assessing and Reducing Plug and Process Loads in Office Buildings (Brochure), NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Reducing Hospital Readmissions

2 Introduction For most patients who leave the hospital, the last thing they want is to return anytime soon. Yet, many Medicare patients discharged from an inpatient stay find themselves back in the hospital within 30 days.

Reducing Test Anxiety

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A water pressure regulator, or as we call it a pressure reducing valve has the function of maintaining a constant delivery pressure regardless of its varying inlet pressure.

Office of the Administrator

Entrepreneur Roundtables on Reducing Barriers To identify the most important obstacles facing U.S. entrepreneurs, the Administration hosted a series of "Startup America: ...

Reducing and Reducing/Relieving Valves

Sun Hydraulics Technical Tips 1 · Tech Tips:Web# 999-901-363 Rev. 20DEC10 © 2010 Sun Hydraulics Corporation Reducing and Reducing/Relieving Valves APPLICATIONS Reducing Cartridges Reducing cartridges are normally open pressure control elements designed to reduce a high primary pressure at port ...

Reducing the Risk Adaptation Kit

Tools and Resources for Making Informed Adaptations to Reducing the Risk: Building Skills to Prevent Pregnancy, STD & HIV

Reducing Disease, Injury, and Impairment

Chapter 4 Cancer Preventing Skin Cancer by Reducing Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation RECOMMENDED INTERVENTIONS IN SPECIFIC SETTINGS Educational and Policy Interventions in Primary Schools148 Educational and Policy Interventions in Recreational and Tourism Settings150 INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE TO ...

5 Reducing my Perfectionist Behaviour..

Perfectionism In Perspective Page 2 • Psychotherapy • Research • Training C C I entre for linical nterventions Module 5: Reducing my Perfectionism Behaviours Introduction In the last module you thought about the pros and cons of remaining a perfectionist and the advantages and ...

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