1 RECREATIONAL THERAPY PRACTICE ACT 58-40-1. Title of act. This chapter is known as the "Recreational Therapy Practice Act." 58-40-2. Definitions. In addition to the definitions in Section 58-1-102, as used in this chapter: (1) "Approved," when used to refer to a course of education, training ...

public wildlife and recreational area Conservation

2011- 2012 HuntinSeason. g . Goethe State Forest and Wildlife Management Area . Regulations Summary and Area Map Jul y 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012

Control and Prevention of Recreational Water Illnesses and ...

Prevention of Infectious Disease Transmission Associated with Public Swimming and Bathing Facilities (Swimming Pools, Spas, Whirl Pools, Hot Tubs, Interactive Fountains, and Water Parks) Control and Prevention of Recreational Water Illnesses and Related Outbreaks


Chapter1 RECREATIONAL MATHEMATICS Recreational problems have survived, not because they were fostered by the textbook writers, but because of their inherent appeal to our love of mystery.

Recreational Gold Mining in Alaska

Recreational Gold Mining in Alaska Eight Stars of Gold Gold mining is not just a part of Alaska's past, but it is still an important activity in many areas of the state.

Table of Contents Introduction

Introduction & Executive Summary Recreational Boating Statistics 2010 3 Table of Contents Introduction 2010 Executive Summary 6-7

International Center of Outdoor Recreational Equipment

2 Overview Washington state has a natural setting matched by few places in the world. Washington state's diverse topography and weather patterns create one of the most unique regions in the world.

Recreational and Leisure Activities for Populations with ...

Recreational Activities 1 Recreational and Leisure Activities for Populations with Alzheimer's Shea Staten, B. A. and Dr. Michael A. Dup per, Ed.

You can make a difference in the Quartzville Recreation Corridor!

Behind the dam, Green Peter Reservoir extends over 10 miles in length providing for a variety of recreational opportunities including boating, fishing, and swimming.


The University of North Carolina Hospitals - North Carolina Memorial Hospital, North Carolina Children's Hospital, North Carolina Women's Hospital and North Carolina Neurosciences Hospital - is a tertiary care, teaching hospital affiliated with the School of Medicine of the University of North ...

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