2 THE BENEFITS OF RECESSION-WHAT WE SHOULD BUT OFTEN FAIL TO LEARN Abstract This short article deals with one of the most "emotionally loaded" but misunderstood economic terms in the public vocabulary.

Contending Perspectives in Macroeconomics - Recessions Since ...

Sub-Prime Recession Official Dates: December 2007 to present (spring semester 2009) Abbreviated Dates: 2008 Cause?: The immediate reason for recession was the wave of defaults in the subprime mortgage market.

ension and retiree health care c the great recession’s ... april 2011 In the midst of the Great Recession and severe investment declines, the gap between the promises states made for

Household Income Trends During the Recession and Economic ...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, October 10, 2011 Household Income Trends During the Recession and Economic Recovery Summary of Key Findings Sentier Research today released a report that introduces a new monthly series that will examine trends in the income (before taxes) of American households.

What's a Recession, Anyway?

NBER WORKING PAPER SERIES WHAT'S A RECESSION, ANYWAY? Edward E. Leamer Chauncey J. Medberry Working Paper 14221 http://www.nber. org/papers/w14221 NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH 1050 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02138 August 2008 I am indebted to Jerry Nickelsburg for thoughtful ...

09-02 RESEARCH PAPER Oil Demand and Recession

Research Paper New York, USA, 11 t h February 2009 Recession and Oil Demand Steven Kopits Managing Director, Douglas-Westwood, New York Oil industry players find themselves buffeted by contradictory trends.

Does the Yield Curve Signal Recession?

So the most straightforward, and, arguably, robust way to use the yield curve is to use the statistical relationship between its slope and future economic growth, and then look where the current yield curve is pointing.

Flexible working in a challenging economic climate

But does the business case need to be changed in the face of a recession, or can HR people sing the same song to their board and expect to continue without a challenge?

State of Working Connecticut, 2011:Jobs, Unemployment, and ...

State of Working Connecticut, 2011: Jobs, Unemployment, and the Great Recession State of Working Connecticut, 2011:Jobs, Unemployment, and the Great Recession

Income Inequalityandthe Great Recession

Income Inequality and the Great Recession September 2010 Report by the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee

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