IDEXX RealPCR™ Feline Hemotropic Mycoplasma (FHM) Test

DIAGNOSTIC UPDATE IDEXX Reference Laboratories • June 2007 New: IDEXX RealPCR ™ Feline Hemotropic Mycoplasma (FHM) Test (formerly Haemobartonella ), from IDEXX Reference Laboratories Diagnosing the cause of anemia in feline patients can be frustrating and difficult at best.

IDEXX Canine and Feline Diarrhea RealPCR Panels - IDEXX ...

IDEXX Canine and Feline Diarrhea RealPCR™ Panels from IDEXX Reference Laboratories IDEXX Canine and Feline Diarrhea RealPCR Panels - IDEXX Reference Laboratories

Little Known Factors May Play Important Role in Equine ...

The results are from research currently being conducted to validate the new IDEXX RealPCR* Equine Diarrhea Panel. Coinfection Is an Underappreciated Factor in Equine Diarrhea The validation studies for the new equine PCR panel suggest coinfection may be an emerging cause of equine diarrhea.

Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia: Can we beat this disease?

• Feline Hemotropic Mycoplasma RealPCR test, which includes Mycoplasma haemofelis, Candidatus Mycoplasma haemominutum and Candidatus Mycoplasma turicensis RealPCR tests.

Frequently Asked Questions about Canine Respiratory Coronavirus

The URL for this diagnostic panel is: . Nasal and pharyngeal swabs collected from dogs with clinical signs of CIRD can be submitted to IDEXX for this PCR panel.

Vector Borne Diseases, coinfection; the US perspective

Furthermore we have some news on our new Cardiopet ® proBNP, a valuable cardiac marker, and our Canine and Feline Diarrhoea RealPCR™ Panels. These tests are now available at IDEXX Vet•Med•Lab. Happy reading!

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by PQCby PQC--PCR & RealPCR & Real--time PCRtime PCR 21 bp Insertion Ligation for construction of competitor plasmid No. Name 1 QTso-F 2 QTsi-1

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... bacterial pathogens using bacterial culture techniques at the ISU Bacteriology Laboratory. • Conjunctival and oropharyngeal swab samples were collected from 6 cats (14%) residing at Shelter A and 7 cats (29%) at Shelter B for bacterial culture and bacterial and viral identification by IDEXX RealPCR.

SNAP 4Dx Test Clinical Reference Guide

Get the complete picture of patient health and a healthier bottom line. for more information or to enroll in the iDeXX Advantage program today, call 1-888-433-9987. iDeXX Advantage gives you the benefits of both serology and PCR testing with two new panels: Tick RealPCR™ Panel 4 with Lyme Quant C 6 ® ...

Mycoplasme hémotrope félin (anciennement Haemobartonella)

(FHM) Mycoplasme hémotrope félin (anciennement Haemobartonella) Lancement des tests RealPCR MC d'DEXX des Laboratoires de référence IDEXX Le mycoplasme hémotrope est une cause commune d'anémie hémolytique grave chez les chats.

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