Raytheon JPS Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Raytheon Company, designs, manufactures and sells electronic hardware and software products that enhance the effectiveness of communications systems.



Raytheon Polar Services Company PS-D-1536-4 Denver Revision #9 September 23, 2004 Approved by Joe Craig Procurement/Subcontracts Page 1 of 2 Contract No. OPP 0000373 RAYTHEON POLAR SERVICES COMPANY SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS A. PROCUREMENT AUTHORIZATION: The RPSC ASG/Subcontracts Department using the ...


Procurement Management Plan for the EMD Project

117-EMD-001 ECS Maintenance and Development Project Procurement Management Plan for the EMD Project October 2003 Raytheon Company Upper Marlboro, Maryland


News release

Raytheon Anschütz GmbH Zeyestrasse 16 - 24 D-24106 Kiel, Germany www.raytheon-anschuetz.com News release For Immediate Release Raytheon contact: Martin Richter Raytheon Anschütz GmbH Tel: +49 (0) 431 3019-512 Fax: +49 (0) 431 3019-94512 Email: [email protected] Presse release no. 006e ...



SUBJECT: Supplement to Report on Audit of Raytheon Polar Services FY 2004 Incurred Cost Audit REFERENCES: Prime Contract No. OPP-0000373 CONTRACTOR: Raytheon Polar Services


Raytheon Quality Note JY

Raytheon Quality Note JY Revision - Date 12-04/09/09 PLATING, SURFACE FINISHES, AND CONDITIONING REQUIREMENT 1.0 Scope . Quality Note JY is a Raytheon imposed Quality specification.


Raytheon Preferred Supplier List

www.martekpower. com Martek Power selected as Raytheon Preferred Supplier Torrance, Calif., April 2010 - Martek Power, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of power supplies and power conversion solutions, announced today that it is now one of only 29 power supply companies that are on ...


Audit of Raytheon Subcontract Management, IG-00-002

SUBJECT: Final Report on the Audit of Raytheon Subcontract Management Audit of Raytheon Subcontract Management, IG-00-002


Raytheon Company, Settlement Agreement

: i Massachusetts, and activities of Raytheon Canada, and various of Raytheon Canada's employees. The activities which formed the basis for the investigation were the alleged illegal export and attempted export of defense articles, defense services and technical data appearing on the U.S ...


Raytheon- SAS El Segundo draft permit

California Environmental Protection Agency Department of Toxic Substances Control Raytheon- SAS El Segundo draft permit


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