Placement of utilities and uncontrolled invasive plant species are disrupting the natural ravine ecosystem. With the assistance of Friends of the Ravines'educational outreach programs and conservation activities, these valuable natural areas can be restored and preserved for future generations.


A Resident Guide for Protecting Ravines and Bluffs

TABLE OF CONTENTS • Background (page 2) • Ravine Locations (page 3) • Erosion Process (pages 4) • Eroding Ravine (pages 5-6) • Erosion Control Techniques (pages 7-12) • Restoring Ravine and Bluff Slopes (page 13) • Bibliography (page 13)



Completely close the battery cover and slide the battery cover lock to the LOCK position. • • Shock Resistance The rugged construction of the Ravine™ provides outstanding shock and vibration resistance.


Ravine Formation

Lesson 12 Overview* Erosion is a natural process that has occurred since the formation of the Earth. As water flows from its source to lakes and oceans, it erodes the land, sometimes creating ravines.


Ferns in the Ravines of Central Ohio

G len Echo Ravine Park teemed with activity in May 2004. Early in the month, over 25 Friends of the Ravines volunteers, Graham School students, and students from the Ohio State School for the Blind spent a half a day preparing the soil and installing a woodland perennial garden at the toe of the ...


Kirk Ranch Easement

Miners Ravine Restoration Project Placer County, California In June of 1998, Placer County was awarded a $605,400 grant from the State Water Resources Control Board.


Corel Office Document

draft report to great lakes commission "ravine erosion control - sediment/nutrient transport reduction through vegetative stabilization" highland park, illinois corel office document


Orchard Street Ravine Vegetation Management Plan

Orchard Street Ravine Vegetation Management Plan Prepared for: City of Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation 1600 S. Dakota St. Seattle, WA 98108-1546 Prepared by: Marcia Fischer, Restoration Ecologist Natural Systems Design PO Box 15609 Seattle, WA 98115 July 2006


State of California

State of California The Resources Agency Department of Water Resources Division of Planning and Local Assistance Resource Restoration and Project Support Branch Miners Ravine Habitat Assessment October 2002 Gray Davis Mary D. Nichols Thomas M. Hannigan Governor Secretary for ...


Ravine Gardens State Park

History & Nature The gardens were developed by the City of Palatka, the Federal Civil Works Administration (CWA) and the Works Progress Administration (WPA) during the Great Depression from 1933-39 in an effort to spur the economic recovery of the City of Palatka.


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