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One of the critical needs in under-managed companies is to go through a product rationalization exercise. Often we find that there are many under-performing products within a company’s

Platform Rationalization

Don't let IT cost and complexity take control of your team. Platform rationalization can be the first crucial step, helping you reduce IT cost and complexity by simplifying and consolidating IT systems and applications.


The Rationalization of Everything

The Rationalization of Everything? Using Ritzer's McDonaldization Thesis to Teach Weber The Rationalization of Everything



Criteria In addition to the criteria outlined in the Academic Master Plan for Program Rationalization, Academic Program Review will be guided by the criteria thus far established and approved by the faculty and the administration; ...


Product Proliferation Cycle

4 Copyright © Beroe Inc, 2011. All Rights Reserved SKU Rationalization Case Studies: Some of the problems faced by major companies due to a complex product portfolio are listed below.


Application Rationalization Assessment

© JANUARY 2009 CGI GROUP INC. _experience the commitment TM Application Rationalization Assessment PROVIDING IMMEDIATE SOLUTIONS TO REDUCE EXPENSES AND MAINTAIN PROFITABILITY In this uncertain economic climate, IT departments seek immediate opportunities to free up cash from operations.


The Rationalization of Everything? Using Ritzer's ...

1 December 10, 2001 The Rationalization of Everything? Using Ritzer's McDonaldization Thesis to Teach Weber By Stephen Lippmann and Howard Aldrich Department of Sociology, CB#3210 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3210 Email: [email protected] Email: howard ...


Application Rationalization

Keane White Paper: Applications Rationalization 4 Australia | Canada | France | Germany | India | New Zealand | Singapore | Switzerland | UAE | UK | USA 877.88.KEANE | [email protected] | www.keane.com © 2011 Keane, An NTT DATA Company AppsRationalizat ion Abstract Every company faces the ...


Alarms ISA18 EEMUA191

DeltaV Whitepaper February 2011 - Page 1 Alarm Rationalization www.EmersonProcess.com/DeltaV Alarm Rationalization This document examines the ISA-18.2 alarm rationalization process for DeltaV Process Automation Systems, utilizing alarm rationalization software provided by exida, LLC.


Application Portfolio Rationalization

Legacy applications which have passed their period of use and independent applications that are unmanaged and out of control add to technological development, global competition and compliance requirements to pose greater challenges to IT and business.


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