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Bruun Rasmussen shall be entitled to rescind the sale and resell the goods at a Bruun Rasmussen auction or privately, and to demand reimbursement of any related losses from the defaulting buyer.


arms and sporting guns

auction 764 David *Utzon-Frank Tel *+45*3343*6996*/*2570*6996 d.utzon-frank@bruun-rasmussen.dk Henrik*Vensild* Tel *+45*2570*6834 h.vensild@bruun-rasmussen.dk department of arms and sporting guns Jesper*Godvin*Hansen* Tel *+45*2628*7343 havnen@bruun-rasmussen.dk Jens*Perto* Tel *+45*2393*0057 j ...


Rasmussen Quarter Horses 2011 Production Sale

View our web page at www.rasmussenquarterhorses.com Website and Catalog created by: http://software. bmlivestock.com/ Rasmussen Quarter Horses Production Sale Friday, September 2, 2011 Sale to be held at: Box Elder County Fair Grounds Tremonton, UT Auction begins at 12:00 pm MST - Auctioneer - Eric Duarte ...


13 Auctions

and the finance department posted a first-come first-serve sign-up sheet without warning. The auction has the best chance of coming up with an immediateecient allocation.


Aaron or Tara Rasmussen

2 Blue Collar Bull Test & Sale 3 January 29, 2009 - Valentine, NE All Purebred Shorthorn Bulls are Appendix Free 1st Annual Blue Collar Bull Test & Sale Thursday, January 29, 2009 Valentine, NE Sale at 1:00 p.m. (CST) Valentine Auction Barn - 126 N Governmen t W elcome Cattlemen, On behalf of ...


Auction List Live

Auction List Live 1 1 Trio - 5 th Place Clock Deb Miller 2 Cake Gina Rasmussen 3 Life is good! Merchandise in cooler Gary Moritz, Gary's Mens Wear 4 Clockworks - 8 th Place Clock Susan Witzel 5 Cowboy Boots Popcorn Sculpture Virgil Davis 6 Rockin' Around the Clock-9 th Place Clock Tracey Gord 7 ...



Good very fi ne, or possibly better, with a good portrait and very appealing. £1500-1800 ex Bruun Rasmussen auction, 30 May 2006, lot 4037 614 Christian IV, 2-Krone, 1618, mm trefoil, 37.58g, crowned king standing right, holding sceptre, rev R.F.P. above large crown, CORONA DANICA below (H 105A).



GERALD WOOD ESTATE SULLIVAN & SON AUCTION LLC. 1995 E CR 650N, PO Box 68, CARTHAGE, IL 62321 • PHONE 217-743-5200 MIKE SULLIVAN IL LIC. #440.000469 WILL SULLIVAN IL LIC. #441.001720 Attorney for estate - William A. Rasmussen www.sullivansonauction.com 55 South Adams Street, Carthage, IL 62321 ...


Rasmussen Quarter Horses 2009 Production Sale

Rasmussen Quarter Horses Dennis & Jan Casey & Tiffanie Cody & DeniLeigh Laurie Jo *Pre-register with Superior Livestock at 1-800-431-4452* We are always ... Production Sale Friday, September 4, 2009 Sale to be held at: Box Elder County Fair Grounds Tremonton, UT Video Preview begins at 1:00 pm MST Auction ...


Michael Rasmussen and Jason Tarasi www.ResellRightsBlowout ...

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