Rainfall Totals By Zip Code


... RAINFALL FREQUENCY ATLAS OF THE MIDWEST by Floyd A. Huff and James R. Angel Midwestern Climate Center Climate Analysis Center National Weather Service National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Illinois State Water Survey A Division ... and have 1- to 4-hour rainfall totals in excess of 3 ...


Montana Drought/Precipitation Summary

Large amounts of rainfall, and snowmelt caused some of the worst flooding of record this spring. Many lakes also reached their highest levels of record.


Extreme Rainfall Events in the Hawaiian Islands

For example, torrential rainfall with 24-h totals as high as 940 mm (37 in) caused flooding in the southeastern part of the Island of Hawaii (Fig. 1) ...


Average Yearly Rainfall in a Normal Period

normal_rain_year.pdf. 37° N 36° 35° 34° 33° 32° 31° 115° W 114° 113° 112° 111° 110° 109° 37° N 36° 35° 34° 33° 32° 31° 0 20 40 60 80 100 Miles Flagstaff Phoenix Tucson Average Yearly Rainfall in a Normal Period 0 to 5 inches 5 to 10 inches 10 to 15 inches 15 to 20 inches ...



Manual E Zip Code Based.....Manual F Separate Statistical Trends Manuals Water Damage Claims and Weather Data ..... Manual G Water Damage Claims and ... did show trends of increasing water damage claims with increasing rainfall totals. ...


IX. Wind, Snow, Seismic and Rain Data by U.S. County

Values were provided by zip code, but were taken at the county seat in order to obtain countywide values for the purpose of this compilation. ... Rainfall intensities were determined somewhat differently.


What Does the Historical Climate Record in Texas Say About ...

Final Remarks •Temperature likely to go up-Rate of increase faster than global mean since 1980-Important driver of future water demand •Future precipitation change unknown-We've gotten used to a wet climate regime-Climate models: leaning toward less rainfall-Historical trends: more rainfall ...


District Taxes, Rates, and Effective Dates

For example, a customer may live near a county line and have a zip code and city name whose mail is routed to a post office in a neighboring county which has a different tax rate.


Weather Radar Applications ECE/METR 5683 Spring 2008 Prof ...

The zip archive you downloaded containsa Base Reflectivity dataset from 0915 UTC 19 ... This will help you to understand the code that is in the rainratecmp ... Immense rainfall totals were recorded due to the very high precipitation efficiency and warm-cloud processes that are attendant to ...


LEED 2012 Regionalization RegGIS Overlays Descriptions ...

Low (1 Site per Zip Code) ... the Rainfall layer describes the average annual rainfall in inches based on modeled totals from 1971 - 2000. Rainfall has an effect on many building considerations.


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