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The Wilson Bullboard On Mon, Mar. 28, through the newly elected president’s charge, Wilson College became the College for Men. Now, only adult women over the age of


muggle mania!

We had so much 'Quidditch f or Muggles was brilliant! We had so much fun we're going to try and get a f ew f riends together to fun we're going to try and get a f ew f riends together to play it this summer!' play it this summer!' 1 Young muggles learning to play Quidditch 2 The snitch is up, up and away 3 A novice wizard in Potions class 4 Drawings ...


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As first year students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, all students are introduced to Rowlings' imaginary game of Quidditch played on broomsticks in a large oval-shaped stadium.


Harry Potter Jeopardy

To Make the Game 1.*Select*six*categories*that*relate*to*the*Harry* Potter*fantasy*world.*Some*suggestions*are:* Wizards,*Hogwarts,*Women*of*Hogwarts,* Quidditch,*Spells,*Magical*Creatures.*J.*K.* Rowling,*Professors,*Dark*Arts,*Harry*Potter* and*the*Half-Blood*Prince*or*the*ever-popu-lar*Miscellaneous. 2 ...


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... world's greatest challenges O Ambassadors Kim Fitzgerald Last Wednesday Monthly Room 2308 Raise community awareness of the needs of developing countries by educating and fundraising; By invitation only Principal's Gold Club Becky Denton Friday Twice a month 7:00 AM Teaching Theater Develop campus leaders Quidditch ...


Identifying Character Traits

Identifying Character Traits Characters do things. They feel things. They hear things. They say things. They think things. They go places. They can walk, run, leap, and jump.


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A game by Jared A. Sorensen Based on the extraordinary ...

It's also the attribute used when characters fight, fly broomsticks or play Quidditch. Knowledge affects your characters' ability to remember facts, figures and arcane bits of information.



Finally, I understand and acknowledge that, if my child/legal charge is to participate in the Quidditch play included in the Conference's schedule, I must sign and have notarized a Parent's Quidditch Liability Waiver, in the form available on the Conference's website located at http://www.terminus2008 ...



We need either to change the antecedent to make it plural like the pronoun, or change the pronoun to match the singular antecedent: BETTER: Gryffindor players went to the Quidditch pitch after midnight if they wanted to practice after hours.


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