the Pyrenees

302 Hig HligHts the Pyrenees *The*thrilling*descent*from* Col de Marie-Blanque * (p322) * *Conquering*the* Col du tourmalet * (p321) *and* Col Bagargui * (p323) * *The*lively*Basque*towns*of* Espelette * (p324) *and* st-Jean Pied de Port * (p330) * *Completing*the* Raid Pyrénéen (p309) tERRain ...

The Pyrenees

THE P YRENEES Snow-capped for much of the year, the jagged peaks of the Pyrenees (les Pyrénées) form a natural, 430km-long boundary between France and Spain.

Great Pyrenees Breed Introduction

All information on these pages were taken from the website. ©2005 Atlantia Communications Great Pyrenees Breed Introduction Early History The Great Pyrenees is native to the Basque country in the Pyrenees mountains that border France and Spain.

Livestock-guarding dogs in Norway: Part I. Interactions

2 JOURNAL OF RANGE MANAGEMENT 52(1), January 1999 Abstract We documented behaviors of Great Pyrenees livestock-guarding dogs toward people, livestock, dogs, horses, reindeer, and bear to determine if they might be suitable for protecting livestock in Norway.

Glaciers of Europe —

SATELLITE IMAGE ATLAS OF GLACIERS OF THE WORLD GLACIERS OF GLACIERS OF THE PYRENEES, SPAIN AND FRANCE By DAVID SERRAT 1 and JOSEP VENTURA 2 Abstract The glaciers of the Pyrenees, a range of Alpine mountains that extends along the border between Spain and France, are found in a 100-kilometer-long ...


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OVERVIEW = BHP Billiton has approved development of the Pyrenees oil fi eld in licence block WA-12-R in the Exmouth Sub-basin, approximately 20 kilometres offshore from North West Cape, Western Australia. = Project costs for Pyrenees are approximately US$1.7 billion, of which BHP Billiton's ...

"Le Pla d'Adet" at 1700 m is the magnificent ski resort of ...

"Le Pla d'Adet" at 1700 m is the magnificent ski resort of Saint-Lary Soulan, the vaster one of the French Pyrenees with slopes up to 2400 m. Le Christiania is a cosy hotel with splendid views located at Le Pla d'Adet, 50 metres from the slopes.

The mountain lakes of the Pyrenees

High mountain lakes: extreme habitats and witnesses of environmental changes The mountain lakes of the Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees Rescue

Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue Application for Adoption Name:_____ Address:_____ _____ Home Phone:_____ Work Phone:_____ E-Mail Address ...

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