Prosody in Autism 1

Prosody in Autism 2 Abstract Prosody of speech includes many voice qualities such as stress, inflection, intonation, and resonance. While there is not a significant body of research discussing prosody in autistic individuals, the available literature suggests that many autistic individuals have ...


PROSODY, SYNTAX AND PARSING John Bear and Patti Price SRI International 333 Ravenswood Avenue Menlo Park, California 94025 Abstract We describe the modification of a grammar to take advantage of prosodic information provided by a speech recognition system.

Prosody and the production of structurally ambiguous phrases

Abstract Our work builds on a previous study concerning the role of prosody in interpretation of relative clause (RC) attachment among adult learners of French (Dekydstpotter, Donaldson, Edmonds, Liljestrand, & Petrush, under review).


PROSODY MODELS FOR CONVERSATIONAL SPEECH RECOGNITION Mari Ostendorf y Izhak Shafran z Rebecca Bates* yEEDept., University of Washington, Seattle, WA zAT&TLabs-Research, Florham Park, NJ *CIS Dept., Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN [email protected],[email protected] edu,[email protected] ...

Prosody in autism spectrum disorders: a critical review

Prosody in autism spectrum disorders: a critical review Joanne McCannand Sue Peppe ´ Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh, UK (Received 22April 2003; accepted 30 May 2003) Abstract Background: Many individuals with autism spectrum disorders present with unusual or odd-sounding prosody.

Speech, Prosody, and Voice Characteristics ofa Mother and ...

LawrenceD. Shriberg University of Wisconsin—Madison KirrieJ. Ballard J. Bruce Tomblin University of Iowa, Iowa City JosephR. Duffy Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN KatharineH.

Aculab Prosody PCI card

Prosody X PCI card - Installation Guide For further details of the flash programming functions, please contact Aculab support. The serial number of the Prosody X PCI card is used when configuring the Aculab libraries to uniquely identify a Prosody X PCI card in the system.


SESSION 13: PROSODY Patti Price 1 and Julia Hirschberg 2 1SRI International, 333 Ravenswood Avenue, EJ 133, Menlo Park, CA 94306. 2AT&T Bell Laboratories, 600 Mountain Avenue, Murray Hill, NJ 07974 ABSTRACT Tho aim of this introductory s~tion is to set the context for Session 13: Prosody.


Tools for Assessing Prosody It is important that fluency is not viewed as just wcpm. Teachers need to include

Prosody and Adults' Learning of Syntactic Structure

JOURNAL OF MEMORY AND LANGUAGE 35, 497-516 (1996) ARTICLE NO. 0027 Prosody and Adults'Learning of Syntactic Structure V IRGINIA V ALIAN Hunter College AND A NDREA L EVITT Wellesley College, Haskins Laboratories The role of prosody in adults'acquisition of a miniature artificial language was ...

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