ProQuest - Platform User Guide | Training Materials (PDF)

2 What is ProQuest ®? &Getting Started ProQuest ® is an aggregated electronic publications service. It is one of the largest onlinecontent repositories in the world, and provides a single, integrated platform.

ProQuest Quick Print Guide

Quick Reference Guide 1 9/23/05 For more info: http://training.proquest. com Create a Precise Search Enter Your Search Terms Carefully You can improve your searches by carefully selecting search terms.

ProQuest - Historical Newspapers Norfolk Journal

The Norfolk Journal and Guide Coverage: 1921-2003 ProQuest - Historical Newspapers Norfolk Journal

Scholarly Journals, Trade Publications, and Popular Magazines

Most ProQuest databases let you limit your search to scholarly journals, including peer reviewed. Some will let you limit your search to peer reviewed.

ProQuest - ProQuest Central Brochure | (English UK PDF)

17,000 periodicals | 28 ProQuest databases | 160 subject areas With over 17,000 periodical titles as well as thousands of dissertations, newspapers, working papers, market and industry reports, as well as videos, ProQuest Central is the largest aggregated onlinedatabasein the market today.

ProQuest - Social Sciences Collections Catalog (PDF)

Welcome to ProQuest's 2010 Social Sciences Collection Contents Education and Library Science page one Sociology page two Diversity page four Psychology and Philosophy page seven Politics and Criminology page eight Communication page ten The Arts, Humanities and other topics page eleven The last ...

Citation Guidelines

© 2010, ProQuest LLC Readers may duplicate as needed Page | 1 Citation Guidelines Here are step­by­step instructions for citing the information you find using your Pro Quest database.

The New Proquest Dialog and What's Next? - Searcher Magazine ...

SEARCHER The Magazine for Database Professionals 12 I admit to some skepticism when ProQuest promised to turn Dialog into a 21st-century search system.

ProQuest® Statistical DataSets

ProQuest ® Statistical DataSets Formerly LexisNexis ® Statistical DataSets Find your data and "customize" it! ProQuest Statistical DataSets is a web-based research solutions tool that prov ides fast and easy access to more than 15 billion data points from licensed and public domain datasets ...

ProQuest - Historical Newspapers Brochure (PDF)

Access to front pages, articles, editorials, photos, advertisements, wedding and engagement announcements, cartoons, birth and death announcements, book and film reviews, letters and more, allows us to witness the daily lives of ordinary people, as well as major events.

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