Prophetic Books

Prophetic Books

Introduction Mesopotamian texts indicate that long before Israel en-tered Canaan, other countries had prophets. These texts from Israel's neighbors indicate that their prophets claimed to intercede for people to the gods, speak for the gods, criti-cize the people's moral and ethical deficiencies ...


Course description: A study of the Old Testament prophetic books (Isaiah through Malachi).


Each of the post-exilic prophetic books concludes with passages which in different ways restate or develop the earlier prophecies of restoration (Hag 2:20-23; Zech 8; 12-14; Mal 4), indicating that a complete fulfillment is still awaited.

Outline of Prophetic Books

Outline of Prophetic Books (see Key Dates at the end for the Final Exam) Amos. I. General judgments of God against all nations (1-2) II. Specific judgments of God against Israel (3-6)

A Summary of the Prophetic Books

Book Date (B.C.) Recipients Themes Purpose Historical Setting Message Unique Characteristics Used to teach us that … Mnemonics Malachi 435-420 17 Judah-postexilic God's love God's mercy Animosity Moral Decline Day of the Lord Malachi wrote to rebuke Judah and admonish the people to remain ...

Utopia and Dystopia

Introduction 5 The order of the chapters that focus on particular prophetic books, sets of prophetic books, literary units or motifs with particular case studies reflects for no other reason than practicality a quite canonical order, but those dealing with the books included among the twelve are preceded ...

Daniel and Revelation

1 Daniel and Revelation Nature and Purpose of the Course Let me welcome you to this study of two of the greatest prophetic books in the Bible. Surely when you think about the subject of biblical prophecy, the book of Revelation immediately comes to mind.

Preaching of Prophets I

Preaching of Prophets I; Amos 2 Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi  Notice that Jonah made the prophetic books, unlike Daniel, which is in the Ketuvim  The title "Latter Prophets" is misleading—they appear later in the Nevi'im section, but most of them are ...

HIV-AIDS 4 - The Prophetic Method in the New Testament

Here we have the example of Hosea who graphically denounced the unfaithfulness of Israel, through a gendered metaphor of an unfaithful wife.7 The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) has a significant prophetic literature of seventeen books.

The Book of Ezekiel

• Whereas most prophets seem to have proclaimed their oracles in primarily oral form, the Book of Ezekiel preserves hints of the growing importance of writing in Israelite culture - like other prophetic books, Ezekiel describes the prophet receiving divine commission, but his is described in terms of ...

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