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10210 Genetic Center Drive San Diego, CA92121 (858) 410-8000 (800) 523-5001 (800) 342-7441 (Canada) Other Resources For additional information on molecular biology and Gen-Probe technologies for the clinical laboratory, please visit our website at , or call Customer Service at ...

AP015 Current Probe Instruction Manual

AP015 Current Probe Instruction Manual WOE-CS-TS02-009v 002 1/111 Specifications The following specifications are valid for model AP015 current probes after the probe has reached operating temperature, which is 20 minutes with power applied in a environment with stable ambient temperature.

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DNA probe assays have been in use for many years in research laboratories but have only recently become widely used in clinical laboratories. DNA probe assays that target genomic DNA sequences are inherently specific but relatively insensitive because the DNA sequences that they target are ...

Designing TaqMan probes and primers

However, the points below offer a general guide: ProbesProbe should be 20-30 bases in length. • Avoid including long sequences of identical nucleotides.

Guidelinesfor Transoesophageal Echocardiography Probe ...

1 . Guidelines for Transoesophageal Echocardiography Probe Cleaning and Disinfection from the British Society of Echocardiography. Authors: Kanagala P, Bradley C, Hoffman P, Steeds RP

Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis

The probe reagent is an acridinium ester (AE)-labeled DNA probe which spe cifically detects the RNA amplicon. A 100-ml aliquot of the reconstituted probe

Four-Point Probe Manual

Four-Point Probe Manual 1. Introduction The purpose of the 4-point probe is to measure the resistivity of any semiconductor material. It can measure either bulk or thin film specimen, each of which consists of a different expression.

Kiel Probes Operating Instructions: ● Measure in straight ...

Kiel Probes Operating Instructions: ● Measure in straight duct sections that are at least 1.5 diameters upstream and 8.5 diameters downstream of any duct disturbance such as elbows and meshes. ● Duct diameter should be at least 30 times the diameter of the probe.

The Surgical Probe -final June 15, 07

The Surgical Probe Arthur van Lingen, Nuclear Medicine and PET Research, VUmc, Amsterdam The Surgical Probe -final June 15, 07

Conductivity Probe (Order Code CON-BTA or CON-DIN)

Conductivity Probe (Order Code CON-BTA or CON-DIN) The Conductivity Probe can be used to measure either solution conductivity or total ion concentration of aqueous samples being investigated in the field or in the

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