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Stellaluna and the birds if Stellaluna had not found her mother. Would Stellaluna have tried to continue behaving like a bird? Would the birds have tried to behave like bats?

Stella luna

Materials ∞ Stellaluna by Janell Cannon ∞ Stellaluna software Introductory Activity Read the book Stellaluna. Guide children in recalling details related to the story.

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2 Stellaluna , the enchanting story of a baby fruit bat who falls into a bird's nest, is adapted from the beloved book by Janell Cannon. Poor Stellaluna tries to adapt to her new home but finds herself the odd one out, hanging by her feet and disgusted by those bugs Mother Bird brings home for ...

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Answers to Stellaluna Trivia Questions 1. Stellaluna couldn't fl y away because her wings were too weak. 2. Pip, Flitter, and Flap. 3. Most fruit bats live in tropical and subtropical climates that provide year-round reserves of fruit, fl owers, and nectar.

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Introduction The world we live in continues to change. For students to succeed in school, at work, and in the community, they will need more skills and knowledge than ever before.

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Say: Today I'm going to read a story called Stellaluna by Janell Cannon. ... printables, read-aloud tips, resources and more! Sample Read-Aloud Strategy Stellaluna ...

Teaching Comprehension: Referents, Dialogue, and Inference

• More inferences based on the text and background knowledge—more difficult Stellaluna quickly clambered from the nest and hung out of sight below it.

1 Hop to It! Standards Addressed: Science: 3.4.1 Science D i s c o v e r Frogs are amphibians. v o c a b u l a r y • amphibians • habitat Learning About Frogs Have you ever watched a frog hop or heard its call?

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Go to -click on free printables and scroll down to Farm Animals. Print in 2 copies in colour and laminate. Use as vocab cards or play memory game.

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