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Short Vowels

Microsoft Word - vowel chart.doc. ©2005 Busy Teacher's Café Short Vowels a cat e bed i ship o pot u cup Magic E Vowels a_e cake i_e bike o_e rose u_e tube Magic E Rule: The E sits at the end of a word and tells the first vowel to say it's name!

Vowel Exercise for the Vowel Chart

www. auto eng li sh. org Written y ob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 008 Vowel ercise for he Vowel art To do this exercise you will need to print out the vowel chart at: ­ www. auto english. org/gr. vowel­chart. pdf A Place the words into the columns on the vowel chart.

Phonics TRB Coding Chart

Copyright by Saxon Publishers, Inc. Coding Charts The following coding charts briefly explain vowel and spelling rules, syllable-division patterns, letter clusters, and coding marks used in Saxon's phonics programs.

Blend Phonics Consonant Chart

Blend Phonics Vowel Chart-a--e-ea 2-i- -o-w a-u-a_e ay ai eigh ea 3 ee-e ea 1--y i-e-y igh o-e oa oe ow 2-o u-e ew ou aw au a(ll) › ur er ir or a(r) ‹ u ow ou oy oi o(r) ... Note from Internet Publisher: Donald L. Potter October 21, 2007 The Blend Phonics Charts are modeled after Caroline Yale's famous Northampton Charts and ...

Print out the vowels: a, e, i, o, u Laminate all letters for ...

(if you do not have a binder machine, you can use stationary rings) How to use: Flip through the letters to make CVC words consonant/vowel/consonant words See how many rhyme words you can make with ending phonograms eg: ig, at, en, op, ut, Refer to the list of words you can make with this flip chart ...

Phonics Chart 1

Microsoft Word - chart 1.doc. Phonics Chart 1 Phonics Chart 1 Phonics Chart 1 Phonics Chart 1 The phonics rules in chart 1 are the short vowels and are marked with a breve or smile above the vowel.

Expand your pocket chart manipulative collection with these ...

©Learning Resources, Inc., Vernon Hills, IL60061 (USA) LER 2185 —Pocket Chart Phonics-Long Vowels Teach, review, and store long vowel concepts with Pocket Chart Phonics - Long Vowels .

Consonant Chart for English

Sometimes it's a little higher, lower, farther forward or farther back than other times, but it's always an unstressed vowel that is relatively centralized.

ABB Phonics Six Easy Steps to Reading 09

4. One-vowel words My Blend and Word Book K Basic Phonics Charts 1-2 Handbook for Reading 1-2 Readers: K4 Little Books 1-10 (10 books) , Old MacDonald's Farm, Tip, Gus, Wig on a Pig, Matt K5 My Blend and Word Book I Learn to Read, Book A, Book B, Book C 1 Fun with Pets, pp. 1-73 5.

Long Vowel Sentences Directions:

Name: _____ Long Vowel Sentences Directions: Find the word in each sentence that has a long vowel sound and circle it.

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