Primene 81R -- Technical Data Sheet

Organic Specialties PRIMENE™ 81-R AMINE Description and Features PRIMENE 81-R is a primary aliphatic amine with highly branched alkyl chains in which the amino nitrogen atom is linked to a tertiary carbon to give the t-alkyl grouping shown above.

Primene MD -- Technical Data Sheet

PRIMENE™ MD Description and Features PRIMENE MD, also known as menthanediamine (1,8-diamino-p-menthane) or (4-amino-α, α,4- trimethyl-cyclohexanemethanamine, CAS 80-52- 4), is a primary alicyclic diamine in which both amino groups are attached to tertiary carbon atoms.


Primene 10% AMINO ACIDS INTRAVENOUS (IV) INFUSION Consumer Medicine Information Primene 10% Published by MIMS/myDr October 2006 1 What is in this leaflet?

The Amazing Amines

© 2007 Rohm and Haas Company What makes them unique? • Highly Branched • Providing sterichindrance to Amino group Straight Chain Counterpart Primene™TOA


DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT 1 HAZARD ASSESSMENT FORMAT EVALUATION REVIEW DRAFT Primene™ 81-R Amines (CAS No. 68955-53-3) Introduction The sponsor, Rohm and Haas Company, submitted a test Plan and robust summaries to EPA, dated April 25, 2003, for amines, C12-C14-tert-alkyl (Primene™ 81-R Amines, CAS ...

Test Plans: Primene 81-R amines; Robust Summaries

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Test Plans: Primene 81-R amines; Environmental Defense Comments

Subject: Environmental Defense comments on Primene 81-R Amine (CAS# 68955-53-3) Test Plans: Primene 81-R amines; Environmental Defense Comments

Thorium and uranium extraction from rare earth elements in ...

Primene JM-Twas selected for the thorium extraction studies because it displayedabetter phase separation and a lower REE extraction coefficient as compared to Primene 81-R (Table 1).

Resorpcija i podnošljivost primene visokih doza fero-sulfata ...

Volumen 63, Broj 2 VOJNOSANITETSKI PREGLED Strana 143 Correspondence to: Mirjana Laušević, Institut za urologiju i nefrologiju, Nefrološka klinika, Klinički centar Srbije, Ul.

Značaj primene testova za procenu efekta antiagregacijske ...

Strana 328 VOJNOSANITETSKI PREGLED Volumen 66, Broj 4 Correspondence to: Aleksandra Grdinić, Gostivarska 89/4, 11 000 Beograd, Srbija. Tel.: +381 64 579 22 86.

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